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This page includes old lore! It is no longer relevant to the current Verdict storyline
Typical Aiphe
Intrigue and curiosity are the fuel of the soul.

Ever the embodiment of the wind, Aiphe are free-flowing tinkerers and nomads. They are known to never stick to one place for long, and frequently change homes simply for the sake of it. It's more common to find predominantly Aiphe-run trade centers than it is to find an actual Aiphe "city", though there are many, many Aiphe caravans at any given point in time regardless. These caravans were, in some eras, the target of ruthless theft- but as Aiphe are known to transmit knowledge and technology quite effectively, many cities learned to send protection with them to escort said caravans around.

Their elemental affinity is to Ventus.


Shorter on average than any other race, Aiphe are relatively stocky humanoids. Contrary to popular belief, they do not necessarily have pointed noses or sharp features. In reality, their faces are usually quite rounded- at least, more-so than a Hysen's- though they do have sharp-tipped ears. Their eyes and hair are infamously colorful, and while there are some limitations, Aiphe still maintain the widest range of said features' colors of any race. Their eyes are even rumored to be able to change color gradually over many years, but this is mostly speculation.


Aiphe culture is based around the aforementioned rule-of-thumb of following the wind. It's believed to be unlucky to travel with the breeze against you in Aiphe folklore, and as such, many will quite literally get up and move, usually with a caravan, as soon as the gales change direction. Still, among the less superstitious of them, there are dedicated traders and nomads who will travel through sandstorm and hurricane alike to get to a given destination. Aiphe homes tend to be in drier areas, often in places no other race can realistically approach- like deserts, for instance. It serves as a natural defense barrier of sorts.


  • Aiphe caravans tend to have many other races as well. Aiphe are by far and away the most inclusive of any race.
  • Despite their tendency to be inclusive, Aiphe are still skilled combatants. They're more likely to practice magic publicly than any other group, despite the Hysen-caused stigma against it.
  • Aiphe are better at scaling deserts than anyone but desert-focused Vaien, who they- naturally- get along with quite well.