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This page includes old lore! It is no longer relevant to the current Verdict storyline
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Kingdom of N’verra
Grand Duchy of Aquitania


The Plaines Fertiles is a smaller region south of Arlandria and not yet caught in their cycles of growth – luckily. The region itself is split between the Grand Principality to the North, the Kingdom of N’verra to the South and the Grand Duchy of Aquitania in the middle. Aquitania is the place where they punch each other in the face for fun and profit.


In the distant past, the Plaines Fertiles have been primarily settled by the Aiphe, enjoying the relatively easy travel through the flat, fertile north of the region, while the hillier south had disparate tribes of Hysen, settled deep within the confines of rock and stone.

This changed when the Vaien Empire came along and forcibly united the region into a cohesive whole, carving roads and bridges over the hills and rivers, a gossamer of civilization and a veneer of cohesion. Swamplands were drained, valleys were settled and ultimately, it became a regional breadbasket for the Empire until its fall.

Many, many centuries later, the initial division between Aiphe and Hysen flared up once more as the fall led to the rip between the region and Humans slash Wildkin drawn lines within the sand once more. In the end, two powers emerged. The La Grande Principauté of the North, coalescing from city states and small baronets into rich and decadent monarchy, while the south became the Reino N’verra, a stoic and industrial kingdom, making their mountainous realm and almost impenetrable fortress.

But what about the guys in the middle? Where rivers flowing from the mountains carve deep furrows into mountains becoming hills? Never particularly well-settled or strong, the Grand Duché Aquitania has banded together less by common identity but rather by necessity to be represented somehow – The Duc being a former vassal of the Principauté. Ultimately, however, both the North and the South claim the Duchy belongs to them. And when words fail and diplomacy ends, swords have been drawn.

This is going on since a good century, even more. Constant warfare, occasionally broken by terse peace and ceasefires led to the Duchy becoming a war-torn, ravaged land full of miserable peasants and marauding Free Companies – those soldiers and mages who spend their time plundering and looting the people during peace times and becoming loyal soldiers once more when war breaks out.


The monarchies of the Plaines Fertiles speak “Langue De Monde”, although with varying dialects that are only partially intelligible to each other.

La Grande Principauté is famous for their fine flour, their obsession with equestrian martial prowess and downright debaucherous courtly life. Their main exports are cereals and fruits, but also fine wool cloth from the coast, where the ground is too salty to let anything grow that isn’t only edible to sheep.

Reino N’verra has a very well developed banking system due to their reliance on maritime trade for even basic necessities. One of the reasons why they fight so much over the Duchy is securing a certain autonomy from food imports, especially from their hated enemy, the Principality.

Aquitania’s ground is somewhat poor, especially on the hillsides, but they get a lot of sun. This makes for excellent vineyards as grape vines prefer the sandy soil a little bit better. Clairét, a quick-aged wine of scarlet colour is popular for its astringent sweetness, but the real treasure is “le sang de la terre”, a deep red, rich wine that is also distilled into the fruity Armagnac.

Aquitanian people are usually nihilistic, but in a cheerful manner. Misery comes whether you are good or bad, so they focus on merriment and compassion, as the world seems to keep punching down and they don’t need to add to that now.