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This page includes old lore! It is no longer relevant to the current Verdict storyline

Epithet: The Fallen Kingdom of Scholars


In the Convergence Cycle right before the age of Isegrad and Arlandria (Henceforth referred to as the Pre-AC Convergence Cycle), the Kingdom of Arcadia was one of the most ambition-filled, and scholarly nations of its age. Actual records of the Kingdom’s foundings are rarely discovered, however what is known is their work and research on magical golems and the like, being believed to have made magical rune work and the like to make life easier throughout the Kingdom as a whole.

Still, for all their advancements, the Kingdom of Arcadia was not the strongest. Though they had the aid of the Spirits to stand against the threats of the Demons and High Faerlan, eventually the armies of the Extraplanar broke their ranks, and all lost hope. As a last resort, the Spirits were forced to bring ruin to the isle, freezing the area to the west while in the east fire boiled, burning and burying the fallen Kingdom, a sanctuary and battlefield lost to time.


In the Pre AC Convergence Cycle, the Kingdom of Arcadia was established soon after the Convergence that set that cycle in motion. The Pre-Arcadians had built shipyards and massive ships so that when the Convergence did happen, they were able to take to the water and survive for a time. Most records from that period are lost, however, their boats eventually found the land that would become Sarea. They named this land Arcadia and began to build their civilization upon it.

Little is known about what happened during the period between the first settling of Arcadia, and it’s last age, the rule of King Alistair Averant. Alistair was the last King of Aracdia intending to give the leadership to his daughter, Sophia Averant, however before such could happen, the Convergence occurred. The armies of Vul'karik, the Void King, made their way first, invading violently and battles occurring for several weeks of time. During this point, the Spirits of the Isle and the aligned Aracdian forces were able to successfully force back and rout a large portion of the Demonic army.

However, it would be by the Hunters of Oberon that Arcadia faced defeat. Gurierra tactics allowed for these hunters to slip in and out before much notice was given to them, capturing Spirits or wiping out entire battalions of the Arcadian forces. While they also did battle against the Demons, the damage done to Arcadia meant that the island had a much more difficult time recovering then that of the Void King’s forces.

Sophia Averant attempted to lead her forces to victory, even in the crippled state of her army, but it was not to be. Engaging the leader of the Void King’s forces, Mavkoda, in battle while on the back of Velin, she was dismounted, crushed in the Demon’s hand, and the morale of Arcadia plummeted as the princess died, and much of the human forces forced to fall back.

Finally, with no hope for humanity’s survival in this cycle of the Convergence, the Spirits allowed for the worst of it to take the isle. No longer attempting to preserve it, lava boiled over the civilization of Arcadia burying, and ice formed over the western forests, freezing it. Many High Faerlan and Demons were killed as a result of this, with the rest falling back, however, it also meant that no survivors of the Arcadia Kingdom were reported, except one.

Modern History

Today, Arcadian ruins stand in mostly two places. The Caldera had a significant portion of the city buried beneath it, hidden by lava flows and the ravages of time. These ruins are considered dangerous, filled with voidic influence even through the passing time, and it was where Nexus, formerly King Alistair Averant had risen in the current era, in an attempt to gain revenge on the Spirits.

To the east, a second portion of Arcadian ruins are noted on Sarea, icy forests that are believed to have been frozen by Velin when hope was lost.

The last King of Arcadia did battle upon Sarea, now fighting for the forces of the void, but eventually lost, and passed from the world, spelling the end of the Averant line, and the last of the known Arcadians.

Notable Members

Alistair Averant / Nexus

Alistair Averant, or Nexus, as he would later be known as when he was released from his seal during the AC Convergence Cycle, was the last King of Arcadia, and a wise ruler for a long time. Unfortunately, his age would be the last age of Arcadia, having to lead during the time of the Convergence, and seeing the death of his wife, his daughter, and of his people when the forces of the Extraplanar could no longer be killed by man. Alistair, stricken by grief, would make a deal with the void, asking for their strength for revenge in the AC Convergence Cycle to strike down the Spirits, however, Alistair would eventually meet his end by the forces of Sarea uniting in 1008.

Aurelia Averant

Aurelia Averant was the wife of Alistair Averant. Died in the Convergence. Within Arcadia, her tomb was discovered with the words “Adored Queen, Beloved Wife. May death never hold you back.”

Sophia Averant

Sophia Averant was the daughter of Alistair, and the last Princess of Arcadia. Velin’s chosen, in the Pre-AC Convergence Cycle, she did battle against the Extraplanar forces, leading the Arcadians in battle. When engaging with the Demon Mavkoda, she was slain, causing the morale of her forces to plummet.

Summer’s Poppy / Briar Six

A Hedera swordswoman noted to have served with Alistair during the Pre-Ac Convergence Cycle.


Arcadia was well known for working with Golem Magi-tech.

In the tomb with Aurelia, several other tombs were found as well, labeled as Dialga, Mansur, Hemgost, Aron, Doris, Aglia. All of which were appropriately tagged. Members of the royal family or those adjacent to them, captains of the royal guard, archmage directors and the like.



Sophia Averant

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