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This page includes old lore! It is no longer relevant to the current Verdict storyline

Verdict's universe is composed of an inconceivable number of infinite planes, altogether stretching out into the nothingness in a five-pointed pentagon formation. While the exact reasoning behind this particular shape is an utter mystery, historical rumor is enough to sate most modern scholars' desire for knowledge: each of the five points represents a single 'Elemental Plane'. These five Elemental Planes stand above all others as a place of purity for their respective element, where fire, wind, water, earth, and essence are each individually represented by an Elemental Plane.

While no human has ever (or likely will ever) visit one such place, many things can be assumed about their existence. The most concrete fact known to the few magicians of the Old World is that each Elemental Plane is the source of their respective aspect, with the Elemental Plane of fire clearly being the source of the aspect of fire and so on. While it's only theory, some believe proximity to an Elemental Plane makes its given aspect more prevalent in the surrounding ordinary planes. This thought leads some to theories about the positioning of the Old World's plane... but it's mostly conjecture, as humans lack the tools and magical skill necessary to measure these aspects to the degree required for such research.

Elemental Planes sit in a unique position where they alone represent the entirety of a mage of their element's power, and so too are they only really "understood" by a mage of relative skill. Thus, generally speaking, Elemental Planes serve as a sort of pseudo-deity to many practicing mages. While they are understood to not be sentient, coherent, or even reachable, many adept magicians will offer prize to their chosen plane in an effort to garner good fortune from the universe.

The Planes[edit]

While what's known of the Elemental Planes is mostly theory and philosophy rather than fact and science, humans still like to imagine what these amazing marvels of magical power might be like. Elemental Planes are, affectionately and sometimes confusingly so, often called by their element rather than their full title, e.g. 'Fire' instead of 'Elemental Plane of Fire'.

Elemental Plane of Fire[edit]

Main Article: The Elemental Plane of Fire

The Plane of Fire is often thought of as a place of intense rebirth, where life and death blur together into a continuous 'grey' rather than a well-defined white and black. It is usually associated with the sun and other stars, and many scholars attribute said stars' creation to this Elemental Plane, and to this element in general. As with any Elemental Plane and its corresponding aspect/element, particularly fanatical and/or faithful fire mages will devote sacrifices to their so-called 'patron plane'- this is especially common with Fire, though it should be noted that this practice is purely tradition. The lack of reward or even response is quick to dull this fanaticism.

Elemental Plane of Wind[edit]

Main Article: The Elemental Plane of Wind

The Plane of Wind is considered to be responsible for the universe's and planes' great expanse, constantly pushing boundaries and extending what we know into the distant emptiness. While Wind receives only the most meager of public reference, it is no less attributed with the greatest of emphasis in the practice of magic. All Elemental Planes are instrumental in control of the aspects and of mana in general, of course, but only Wind is associated with humanity's drive, intellect, and, while limited, their number of mages. This is often written as almost intentional, considering how few opt to support and honor the Elemental Plane of Wind.

Elemental Plane of Water[edit]

Main Article: The Elemental Plane of Water

The Plane of Water is most commonly associated with the shaping of planets, as well as anything immovable. While human hands may not move a colossal boulder, water, given time, may do so with ease. Or, failing that, it will contort the stone to its whim. This concept is so intrinsically linked to the Elemental Plane of Water in the minds of human mages that, in some cases, it has escaped the world of scholarly knowledge, dripping into the public at large as a representation of freedom, and of the malleability of chains. Water is in contest with Fire for the position of most popular Elemental Plane, and as such, these two are frequently compared as rivals or opposites.

Elemental Plane of Earth[edit]

Main Article: The Elemental Plane of Earth

The Plane of Earth represents to humanity an immense chunk of the universe. It is said that the Plane of Earth is responsible for nearly all metaphysical "boundaries", including the barriers between ordinary planes as well as the so-called "invisible force" keeping the sky from touching the ground. While recent controversy has brought this belief into question, even without its contribution, Earth upholds the Planescape largely on its own. In addition to that truth, many are of the mind that, to replace its duty as Atlas, the Plane of Earth likely contains the Plane of Wind's drive and motivated expansion- keeping us sturdy and stable amidst chaotic growth.

Elemental Plane of Essence[edit]

Main Article: The Elemental Plane of Essence

The Plane of Essence, lastly, comes to present a strange position to humanity. Not only is it without partner, so to speak, as both Earth and Fire have counterparts in Wind and Water respectively, Essence is also commonly- and incorrectly- conflated with Limbo, which is described below. Yes, Essence is truly and utterly different and separate from Limbo, as numerous scholars and magicians have determined. While still occasionally misunderstood, the more modern members of humanity now realize Essence instead represents the combination and separation of other elements and aspects. This is by far the most complicated function of any Elemental Plane, and, thusly so, it was the most researched plane prior to the Void Crisis.


Main Article: Limbo

Limbo is by far the most odd of the "Elemental Planes", if it can even be considered one. It has no matching element or aspect and is typically instead viewed as the absence of all elements and aspects. Limbo is, in addition, also often believed to be the realm of the dead- where all souls drift to once their bodily anchor has been lost. How true that is, and to what specifics, cannot be said.