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"Lesbia formosa est, quae cum pulcherrima tota est, tum omnibus una omnis subripuit Veneres."

This page includes old lore! It is no longer relevant to the current Verdict storyline


☽ ⌑ ☾ Revered for their elevated status, exclusivity and secrecy, the High Honor Sorority is a tight-knit group of young women from the most influential, wealthy, high status noble families across the Empire of Isegrád. The sorority was founded in the year 813AC by Princess Antoinette Marie Sketch. Her reasonings behind the sorority was unknown but, it consisted of young women from prominent families who were allowed to be close to the princess. Many wished to join but were subsequently refused. Overtime, as the sorority grew and shaped with the expanding empire, its values too changing. They consisted of young women of great skill and influence, renowned in more ways than one who became nigh untouchable due to close-knit associations with the revered Sketch lineage. Status increased- not only for the young noblewomen involved but their families and Houses. No high born, wealthy, noble family wanted their daughter to be excluded from the club, thus raising a generation of competition for a position within the High Honor Sorority.

The High Honor Sorority consists of an elite selection of thirty noblewoman, three who hold positions of 'office' within the sorority. The three are referred to as the High Ladies whose President has traditionally been a Sketch Princess followed by a Vice President of her choosing and the High Lady Treasurer. Together, the High Ladies form the leading council who perform a variety of duties for the sorority.

☽ ⌑ ☾

Sorority Rules[edit]

⌑ A sister must be at minimum twenty-years-old to join, making her time as a sister of the High Honor Sorority a maximum of ten years.

⌑ Do not entertain suitors below your class. Those caught involved with those of lower status will face termination.

⌑ No sister can leave the mainland for more than one month, doing so means they are unable to fulfil their duties which will result in termination, if unannounced, or retirement.

⌑ Engaging with a terminated sister is frowned upon and will face detrimental repercussions as severe as termination.

⌑ Monthly dues of 4,500 coin is required to remain a member. Failure to adhere to dues results in termination.

⌑ Stealing from the High Honor Sorority results in termination.

⌑ Failure to uphold the dress code in and out of meetings results in termination.

⌑ Disrespect towards any High Lady results in termination.

⌑ Speaking poorly of the High Honor Sorority results in termination.

⌑ Dating is under scrutiny and judgement of the sorority.

⌑ No Empyrean is allowed to join the sorority as a member but may act as a servant.

⌑ The true extent of the High Honor Sorority's rules are unknown to the public. There could be upwards of tens or hundreds that only the women are privy to.


⌑ No sorority sister can be a member if they are over the age of thirty, as the founding President, Princess Antoinette Marie Sketch, retired from her position at that age. As a result, it became a tradition. However, retirement from the High Honor Sorority is a moment of celebration and of great renown for any noblewoman or house involved. To be a retired sorority sister is seen as an honor.

⌑ Meetings are hosted once a month in the estate of a different sister. The chosen sister is in charge of setting up the event and ensuring it is a success. A subpar meeting in the eyes of the High Ladies results in immediate termination following the event's conclusion. The meetings are akin to extravagant parties more than meetings. What is discussed is mostly unknown to the public, however.

⌑ Day of Diamonds is celebrated every three months and is known to be an event in which the sorority sisters compete to see who owns the most jewels. It is an extension of wealth amassed both personally and by one's family, showcasing one's power through material items. Often the winners consist of the High Ladies but those recognized are awarded a day out with the President.

⌑ President's Day: A celebration that changes with the election of President. It is a day that honors the President's birthday. The High Honor Sorority hosts a grand event in the Sketch castle. These events are exclusive and to receive an invitation to a President's Day celebration is the highest honor. Often the attendance is around one-hundred people, excluding the sorority.

⌑ Antoinette's Wrath: The origins of the tradition are unknown to the public but it is a month, never the same, in which the sorority sisters deny all suitors.

⌑ Lovely Letters: A tradition in which girls as young as sixteen years old are scouted by the High Honor Sorority. These girls tend to be distant family friends who may have caught the eye of a sorority sister. Letters are only sent out with the approval of the Treasurer and Vice President. These girls may not be invited to meeting events but have the chance to receive an invitation to 'public' parties.

Sorority Ventures[edit]

A majority of the sorority's activities take place within the Empire itself. From meetings across various provinces and cities to engagements within the capital city. However, they have been known to extend invitations to the high blood of foreign countries to assist in boasting the Empire's representation as highly regarded young noblewomen. It is unknown where they have been, however.

Sorority Events[edit]

While many events are held privately, occasionally, the sorority hosts events that extend to the public yet are barred by invitation. A selection of these events include fundraiser parties that have received political recognition, holiday celebrations with a twist such as Emperor's Day, where the birth date of the founding Emperor is celebrated with an extravagant event within the capital city. The support of the High Honor Sorority has been known to swing elections by hand of the wealthy or those envious and eager for their approval.


Following Princess Antoinette Marie's retirement in 823AC, just ten years after founding the sorority, her younger cousin, Princess Lesbia Sketch, was chosen as the next President at the age of twenty-two years old. A slew of changes were made that pushed the sorority from a tight-knit group of young women the previous President could socialize with to a statement. Sorority dues were introduced to weed out lower class women and also to add a bank. This lead to the creation of Vice President and Treasurer. The Vice President acted as the President's trusted sister while the Treasurer was in charge of managing the amassed funds, also a position of trust. This formed the High Ladies who would be regarded highly as young women trusted by those of Sketch blood. For years, the bonds strengthen and the sorority grew from five, to ten, to twenty, before being stopped at thirty to keep the group close and intimate yet powerful enough to make decisions. It was until a horrid incident in 899AC where a Treasurer by the name of Mari Hue was caught stealing a rumored amount of over three-million coin from the sorority treasury. The amount was heinous and the event was remarked in newspapers for years, disgracing the Hue family to a point where they lost investors, real estate, and political support. The Hue family became a laughing stock amongst Isegrádian nobility and their whereabouts are unknown.

Notable Sorority Members[edit]

Women of varying renown within the sorority. Antoinette Marie Sketch The founding President of the sorority in 813AC. Not many records are kept about the secretive Princess but she was regarded as a slick tongued, mostly unpleasant young woman who always got her way. Her affairs were mostly social and intimate, shared only with the five first members of the sorority.

Qiao Long An untraditional yet famed member of the sorority joining in the year 969AC. Known as a fearsome yet poised woman, no matter her dedications as a military figure, she not once missed a traditional celebration. Her status opened the door for other women from successful military backgrounds opposed to those whose wealth was earned solely through trade, politics, or blood.

Dia Long Coming from the Long family, Dia is of note for being someone to maintain her position within the sorority for the shortest amount of time, departing but one year later after a grand retirement party in her honor. The position of Harbinger within the Empire rose expectations for the Long greatly as both the daughter of Qiao Long and the leading Harbinger for an expedition to the mysterious isle known as Sarea in the year 1000AC. Her contributions, while short, resonate to this day as the second of her family to join the exclusive ranks of the High Honor Sorority.

Mari Hue Notable for all the wrong reasons, Mari Hue was terminated in the year 899AC following three years as a sister and one year as Treasurer. She is known to this day as a thief and none of her relatives are allowed into the sorority or any event. However, it's said that the Hue House suffered tremendous losses after Mari's theft against the High Honor Sorority and has never been heard of since. Why she stole is a mystery shrouded in vile rumors.

High Ladies[edit]

The current High Ladies as of 1011AC. Elections are held privately for the position, as they are picked personally by the President. However given the nature of President, it often falls to a Princess of the previous President's selection.

President - Princess Josephina Sketch 1010AC-1020AC Little is known about the gentle Josephina. Though her looks may be deceiving. She is rarely seen conversing with anyone outside of the other High Ladies. Restricted mostly to the capital city unless partaking in sorority meetings, events, and parties, she is a rare yet welcomed sight that can quiet any crowd.

Vice President - Lady Venetia Ladis 1008AC-1018AC Talkative, sociable, and a beacon. Venetia is sure to appear on everyone's radar and garner the entirety of their attention. Hailing from Asaph, the youngest Ladis sister makes herself known as a woman to not be crossed. Receiving a slew of date requests from suitors, any man would be lucky enough to be seen in public with the High Honor Sorority's Vice President.

High Lady Treasurer - Ladyship Sylvia Cascade 1003AC-1013AC Calculating and poised. The reigning treasurer is a young woman known for her direct nature. Kind and comforting not words used in association with the Cascade. Her skills with coin keeping and organization unmatched in the history of the sorority's existence, likely due to her expertise in artificing, an unmatched mastery. Eldest of the Cascade family, her years of service to the sorority concluding in the coming years.


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