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This page includes old lore! It is no longer relevant to the current Verdict storyline

"Trust not in the word of so-called Gods. For even they fear death."


Humanism is a recent Philosophy which follows a series of beliefs which can be summarized as the superiority of humanity (Humanity includes all the mortal races of Rhyst). These beliefs are as follows:


Never trust the words of Eidolons. They have had eons to master the art of lying.

Extra-Planar magic should be wrested from the hands of Eidolons, and utilized by Rhyst kind- much like any other magic.

Spirits formed by Eidolons are mere extensions of their Master.

All beings can shake the shackles of their Eidolonic rulers, from Demons to High Faerla.

Mortal kind will never be free, so long as the past Eidolons remain alive.

All Eidolons and all Spirits created by Eidolons should be replaced by mortals ascending other mortals.

The Convergence is the Eidolons way to hold Mortal Kind back, and maintain a status quo of stagnation and cycles.

The Eidolons do not care for mortal kind, to them we are toys, toys that they have grown to fear.

The Emerald Heart and Yggdrasil can and should be replaced.

The Eidolons can bleed, they can die, and so they shall.

The end goal of Humanism's philosophy is somewhat simple to understand once someone goes through the beliefs it follows. And it is that all mortals should...

Become as Gods


The publicized Communion with the White Elk, Velin did little to comfort those mortal denizens of Rhyst, and with the revelation that the Convergence was designed by the Eidolons as a method to dictate the cosmic cycle of Life and Death, a new philosophy was born. Although primarily seen on the isles of Sarea and only garnishing a small yet zealous cult-following, Humanism has begun to crop elsewhere in the world!

The distant territories of Arlandria which were claimed due to the expansive growth of Hedera Groves and where the hold of Arlandrian society is most unstable, has seen a small yet concerning rise in Humanism. Those that were forced into poverty or lost the titles once held due to Arlandrian conquest use Humanism as a reason to wage a silent war against Arlandria and Yggdrassil, citing that the extra-planar creation is naught but a tool for the Eidolonic conquest of Rhyst.

Within the heart of Isegrad, some whom follow the beliefs of Balin Sketch have taken up Humanism. It resonates with the instructions left behind by Balin Sketch- most specifically that Godhood is obtainable for those with the will to pursue it. Those that follow Humanism within Isegrad are primarily individuals utilizing it as a reason to cease Empyrean production, and potentially return the weight of slavery upon the Empyrean shoulders under the guise of; "Empyrean are tools of the Eidolons, and must be reclaimed by mortal kind."

Within the lands of Kal Azul, the ideals of Humanism has seen a slow, budding uptick. With many of its believers being individuals who have lost everything to perceived meddling of Eidolons. These followers are perhaps the most vehement, passionate, and genuine of the batch as they have nothing more left to lose, as everything they loved was taken by the Eidolon's demons and undead.


Although rare, there have been accounts of Timeless beings following Humanism.

Many believers of Humanism on Sarea are mortal mundane workers building The Pillar Of Soteria, as they see it as a way for mortals to stave off the convergence without the aid of extra-planar entities. One that was born by the will and want of Mortal kind.

Most followers of the Humanism philosophy believe that the Eidolons can, and will one day, be slain and replaced by mortal hands.

One of the most commonly used phrases by those that follow Humanism is: "And did the Spirits or Eidolons tell you that? Well, you shouldn't believe everything you hear..."