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Welcome to the Wikipedia for the immersive RP game, Verdict: Descent! Below you shall (eventually!) find a hub of references for any information you need to know about the game, from lore to the mechanics. As of 2023/05/20, Verdict has temporarily went down whilst the dev team works on porting it over to Unity. It is expected to re-open on 2023/09/29. Why not join the official Verdict Discord whilst you wait for it to re-open?
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Verdict: Descent Announcement

Hey everyone! For this month, we have our biggest announcement yet regarding information on the upcoming Verdict expansion, which we've decided to call Verdict: Descent. We'll be talking about what's happening with Sarea and current Verdict, as well as what's in store for the future of the game.

Verdict Q&A (3 Months Late)

This is verdict's first recorded qna session! We took YOUR questions and turned them into bad answers, utilizing vtuber avatars for a better viewing experience. Tune in as a socially stunted coder and a witch work together to formulate the worst possible viewer experience ever recorded in human history.

November Development

Hey everyone! It's once again been about a month since the last Development Direction. This one will be far more fixated on the specifics of what we're doing moving forward, given the last was focused on the 3.0 update. We've got a lot of mission-critical stuff to talk about, so please make sure to read carefully (especially bolded portions)!

October Development

Hey again! It's been about a month since the last Development Direction. We've since released Verdict 3.0: Destiny Found, which included the elemental Apheirons, Astrology (Stellar & Astral), and a wealth of changes to existing magic. It saw the end of many long-standing characters through the release event in the Viridian Gaol.

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