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This page includes old lore! It is no longer relevant to the current Verdict storyline

Maredein is generally considered to be a representation of human willpower. Prior to The Void Crisis, it was nothing more than an abandoned fortress, something left behind from thousands of years prior in Hysenic territory. At one point in history, it towered even above-ground, much to many other races' surprise. Again, though, this lasted only some hundred years and fell shortly thereafter. It was refurbished and utilized for the express purpose of defending against The Void, though, somewhere around 50BV, a fair nine-hundred epochs since the last time it saw the sun. Together with its towering walls, humanity made its last stand- though, obviously so, it didn't last for long.


Like most Hysenic cities, Maredein was named in a -di, -dia, and -dien format, matching the size of the named city fittingly. Thus, Maredein was considered to be one of the largest Hysenic cities of its day and still stands as an immensely winding demonstration of the race's ingenuity. It is also one of the first times in history that the Hysen thought to do something with their excavated earth. Ordinarily, the rock, stone, and dirt removed from their target living-space is simply discarded due to their inherent distaste for living above-ground. Maredein, however, was a rare case: many members of other races had come to live within the walls, and thus, as it ascended the -di, -dia, and -dien scale, more and more non-Hysen wished to seek shelter there.

Over time- an estimated two centuries- several thousand tons of rock had been moved from the ground to the surface and built into magnificent marble and granite structures. Another century or so granted this grand stone-city even mightier height in both halves. Of course, even ancient Maredein came to fall eventually, but the incredible quality of craftsmanship present from all races and the solid stone used to construct basically everything means it could've stood another few thousand years without so much as a lost building.


As mentioned, Maredein was an unusual case as far as Hysenic cities go. While most are rather paranoid and distrusting of surface dwellers, Maredein welcomed them with open arms, gathering strength and numbers in the hundreds to thousands over years alone. It developed into something of a mixing pot, though most races chose to reside upward rather than downward. Each section of the city was designed to "suit" a different race, with the outskirts formed to best suit caravans for the Aiphe, canals dug through squares to fit the Esche, and mighty towers and cathedrals built to please the Vaien. Naturally, almost all Hysen were pleased to preside over their underscape.