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This page includes old lore! It is no longer relevant to the current Verdict storyline
Faewild's Swamps

On the far shores of the Quiescence Sea, at the edges of what is considered by the High Faerla to be the 'civilized' Faewild, there is yet life. The Mourningmere was one of the Unseelie's areas of influence in the Faewild, due to a conflux of the flows of mana and vitae leading to a near constant propagation of Aurora. The Faerie Winds bathe these vast swamps in a constant show of violet and vermillion light, constantly changing and mutating its wildlife, and even the very landscape. The Mere's geography, a mess of shallow bayous, damp moorland, fetid swamps and the odd flat of barren conifer trees, will shift around under the light of the Aurora. A stream may change its course, a hill may become a pond, and a grove of trees may become an empty expanse of blood red reeds.

The only reliable, static positions are the Holds, ancient bastions of the Unseelie's soldiers, hewn of plates of layered stone and steel and the wood of chitinous trees. Old magic lies in the abandoned fortresses, keeping them stable in the mutagenic wetlands. Explorers to the Mere, High Faerlan or otherwise, can rest in the shade of Unseelie Holds without fear of going to sleep in a patch of grass and awakening in a bloody, briny puddle.

Despite the flux of the Aurora, life flourishes in the Mourningmere. Plantlife, much of it toxic or otherwise inedible due to thorns or sheer toughness, springs from the muddy soil. Wildlife with thick shells, too many eyes, and unnatural aggression likewise finds its way in the swamps, eating and being eaten in a supercharged predatory environment. Most of these creatures are as pests, ranging from ten winged mosquitos and fat oily leeches to spined, hairy frogs and ravens with barbed teeth. Sometimes, though, travelers to the Mourningmere whisper of far more fearsome native fauna. Many an Otharine tavern has heard the stories of a hunting party that managed to fell a mere-beast with three crocodilian jaws and fields of toxic tentacles, only for the storytellers to be jeered when they cannot provide a trophy of such a kill.

For the Faewild, the Mere is a cursed place. It is generally only visited by High Faerlan hunters seeking to fight dangerous beasts mutated by Aurora, or by High Faerlan alchemists seeking powerful compounds that arise in the warped plantlife. Most of Oberon's children, and certainly Titania's fairies and the peaceful giants, would prefer to let the place be forgotten.


Most water found in the Mourningmere is highly toxic without treatment. If diluted, though, it can provoke vomiting and fits of rage in someone that ingests it. The High Faerlan consider using mere water in this way a very nasty prank.

Creatures that spend too much time in the Mourningmere begin to mutate from Aurora exposure. Curiously, most of these mutations lead them to develop an insectile mien.

Even if the plantlife is inedible, most of it can be used to make teas and other such drinks. The fluids that result from steeping Mourningmere plants in water are invariably shades of deep red, and taste faintly like blood and cinnamon.

Movement was seen in larger Unseelie Holds in 1031.