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This page includes old lore! It is no longer relevant to the current Verdict storyline

Patron spirits are, for most purposes, just Greater Spirits. They are of specific note, though, because they are responsible for the creation of humanity. Unlike the other Greater Spirits, they, for whatever unknown reason, opted to each form their own branch of humanity from various stretches of life on Rhyst. In doing so, they each granted their respective sect their "blessing", which is said to be what allows humanity to cast and interact with magic and the elements.

Crafters of Life[edit]

Eschen - Patron Spirit of the Esche
Vaiel - Patron Spirit of the Vaien
Hysena - Patron Spirit of the Hysen
Phee - Eastern Patron Spirit of the Aiphe
Ai - Western Patron Spirit of the Aiphe


The Conquerer of the Seas[edit]

Said to have been the first to shape human form, Eschen is a strikingly fast serpent whose domain knows few bounds. With claim to more than half of a continent's coastline, few can imagine just how deep the creature's territory extends. It is speculated that it first opted to create humans when landbound opponents learned of methods to combat Eschen's floods and storms, forming what we now know as Esche in an attempt to fight forwardly against other Spirits' domains. The origins of the Esche became their greatest offense: hard, metallic scales and lizard-like horns, natural weapons against natural foes. These now, of course, pale in comparison to magic and tools.


The Shapeless Flame[edit]

Vaiel has the fewest witness accounts of any Greater Spirit. While most have a set-in-stone form (or at least a baseline appearance), Vaiel does not. They are oft described as a shapeshifting figure wielding dozens of different animal species' traits instead, and many believe this is because they represent the formless nature of fire. With a claim to the continent Eschen resides beside, Vaiel grew jealous of the serpent's newfound humans and, after losing many a battle to these forged soldiers, went into a frenzy. They burned beaches to glass and forests to ash, holding the line alone until they learned of the method behind their creation. Vaiel then created humans of their own to fight back- Vaien, as we know them.


The Mystery of the Dark[edit]

Often deemed the strangest of the Patrons, Hysena only rarely dabbled in inter-Spirit relations. Born of the earth, they barely ever bothered to emerge, instead opting to construct complex cave networks and grand underground abodes away from the glaring sun. In doing so, Hysena realized the limited scope of her grasp. Greater Spirit or not, they could only do so much alone. As such, Hysena shaped Hysen from the creatures of the dark, utilizing them as utilitarian moles to further their collective range. At some point, Hysena revealed the reason for her seclusion to her "children". It is said that this drove the Hysen even deeper underground, and though this was millennia ago, a stark paranoia still lingers in Hysen culture to this day.

Ai & Phee[edit]

The East and West Winds[edit]

Ever the symbolic pair, Ai & Phee are tightly intertwined in most mythos. Ai is said to have grown from a plain that sat beside Phee's desert, who came into existence mere moments prior. Over time, they grew together, depicted most often as discordant siblings who actively seek out mischief. More importantly, though, were they the last to attempt to shape humans of their own. While Eschen claimed fish, amphibians, and lizards, and Vaiel claimed mammals and avians, so too did Ai & Phee desire lost souls to guide. As such, they took the discarded animals of the world and gave them new purpose, providing Rhyst with what we now know as Aiphe.