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Long, long ago, in centuries past, there existed a group of four races that roamed the land. As time progressed, these four races blended together in unique ways, even mixing with other, more extravagant peoples from far-off and as-of-yet unknown lands. Now, Verdict- and Rhyst- wield an interesting cast of characters composed of many varied shades, each with their own story and their own traits. This page will primarily address the (presently) most populous player races, though it'll also touch on the rarer and less well-known races as well.

Neutral.png Neutral Neutral.png


You know them and you probably love them too. Over time, the constant merging and mixing of races has produced a very consistent strand of humanity that most have, for obvious reasons, decided to call "humans". While some believe humans to lack many of the specialized traits that the other races bear- and while they'd be correct- humans make up for this significant negative with their uniquely versatile skillset. No human is born with a set-in-stone destiny, and it's often said that an average human can adapt to nigh any environment. Given the proper tools, humans learn quicker than any other.


Sometimes believed to be derived from the aloof Faerla, Aurien are infamous for their deep ties to magic. Unlike Faerla, they do not oft consider magic to be their equal or their "ingredient", so to speak, despite how intrinsic it is to their lives. As such, some Aurien are led down a winding path of gluttony, ever striving for more mana and more energy. Even so, though, they are the minority, and the majority of Aurien instead choose to live life as any human would- peacefully, without thought of such wild and unrestrained hungers.


Commonly compared to the wind for its free-flowing breezes, Wildkin are as aloof as any race could hope to be. Historically, they compose a remarkably large portion of the total population of Rhyst, though they tend to come up short as far as city ownership goes. Instead, Wildkin often organize into modernized tribes, collecting their folk of certain varieties and living together somewhere beyond urban bounds. Many believe that a Wildkin of any animal type could exist, though as of the current moment, this spectrum is largely restricted to a handful of terrestrial mammals. As far as we know!

Kal Azulans

Introduced in the Convergence update
The green-skinned natives of a far-off continent ravaged by death and... undeath. They're storied experts in the art of not being slain by the efforts of the Void, and bring their mythos to Sarea in full. They bear three societal sects that divide them: the Resolute, the Deft, and the Spirited. Each has their own role to play, and their own appearance to decide.


Seraphim are those that've been blessed with the appearance and magic of Limbo. They are angelic in theme and respect order above all else, believing that a strict society manages its denizens best. Though they are oft considered kinder than Nephilim as a result of their background, Seraphim are frequently very harsh and unforgiving. Seraphim resided within Sol in a society all their own, blessed by an intrinsic connection to Limbo. They've constrained themselves to these bounds for years untold, but they've recently begun spilling into Rhyst en masse.


Nephilim are those that've been cursed with the appearance and magic of Sheol. They are devilish in theme and respect freedom above all else, believing that a strict society stifles progress and development. Though they are oft considered aloof, many Nephilim maintain rigid goals and structure in pursuit of a changed world.

Arlandria.png Arlandria Arlandria.png


Many are unaware of the existence of Faerla, and even those who are fail to know where they came from. They are dangerously aloof, looking at life in an intrinsically detached manner. With bright-colored skin and eyes, they're among the most varied race in Rhyst, and claim their origins to lie with "the Fae". Whether that's true or not isn't easily said, as when Felsen Skarn first encountered them on his journeys, even they did not know for certain. They are as secretive as they are curious, ever thirsting for knowledge of their homeland.


The Hedera are similarly unique. While they are indeed born, it is not to another humanoid- instead, they are grown from tree-pods over several precious decades. While Empyrean are expensive, Hedera are time-consuming. Even so, their role is not the same. Felsen Skarn insisted that they be treated as any other, and most have stuck to this mantra... though their intrinsic connection to nature and the Spirits cannot be denied. As such, they often take on the role of shamans or guardians, protecting Arlandrian groves with their lives.


Introduced in the Convergence update
Born of High Faerlan experiments to craft Spirits for the Faewild, the Anima know well the dangers of the chaotic. Originating from the domain of Sylva, having been freed with the Greater Spirit's release from her abyss, they now march alongside Arlandria in the homeland- and are soon to march among their followers in Sarea as well, beholding the forested nation in a light that reminds of home.

Isegrad.png Isegrád Isegrad.png


Draconians are just a hair less diverse in nature than Wildkin, but with more constitution in spades. Originally, these lizards were born to the unbearable heat of the Dessica desert. As Balin Sketch moved north, however, he absently collected many of their kin, who then intermingled with Esche and Aiphe to form what we now know as the Draconians. They are specialized to, as one might expect, extreme temperatures and weather conditions, and they alone prove capable of handling both the lower and upper ends of the spectrum.


The Empyrean are an incredibly unique race indeed. They, unlike all others upon Rhyst, are not born naturally, nor are they "born" at all. Instead, each Empyrean is hand-carved by Isegrádian hands. Initially intended as personal warriors for Emperor Balin Sketch, these walking statues' role has evolved into that of a royal guard. Similarly, given Isegrád's dire connection to and worship of magic, these beings- which are entirely forged of magic- are often viewed as religious figures. Many are treated as oracles, while others hesitate to involve in such mortal affairs.


Introduced in the Convergence update
Native to the Void, the Umbra have served demons and other higher-ups as a slave race for time untold. Now, having been freed of their containment by the hands of Kal Azul, they rush to the defense of humanity in bitter hatred of their former captors. They bear Isegrád closest, for those who walk with the frigid north and once the desert sands hold closest the ideals of the unleashed Umbra.



Often referred to as abominations, monsters, and more, these creatures are the embodiments of Vul'karik’s rage. They are noted by their mutated figures and brutal musculature, and though they come in a wide variety of types and subforms, demons are recognized primarily as being entities that have been ripped from the stuff of nightmares. Demons make up a large portion of Vul’karik’s Legions and look to the Void Lord as their king and patron.


High Faerlan

The children of Oberon and inheritors of his domains within the Faewild, the High Faerlan see themselves as the pinnacle of creation. These creatures, close relatives of Rhyst’s newfound Faerla, are far more connected with their home plane than their exiled cousins. Many in Rhyst have been kidnapped or murdered should they have attracted the ire of the High Faerlan, and in more recent history it has become an unspoken duty of the High Faerlan to retrieve their lost relatives, something that has marked the Faerla as targets for these expert trackers and assassins.


Known as those who carry the planes on their shoulders, giants are believed to be some of the first forms of life within the Faewild having existed before even the High Fae themselves. They were once severely loyal to Titania, though their devotion has shifted into an intense fear and respect of any Eidolon. Their kind enshrouded in a lot of ancient mythos and mystery, but throughout the centuries, some truths have been solidified.


Just as the Demons obey Vul'Karik and the High Faerlan serve Oberon, Fairies are the immortal executors of Titania's Will. They are the smallest of the planar races known, their stature measured in single digit inches. They possess gossamer wings reminiscent of butterflies, dragonflies, or other insects, and choose to travel by flight

Ancestry Chart

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This chart was created by FI on 12/25/2021 prior to the Convergence update.