Ruined Rush

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This page includes old lore! It is no longer relevant to the current Verdict storyline
Faewild's River

The Ruined Rush is a patch of river, between two cataracts, that runs towards the Quiescence Sea. This patch sits at a crossroads of manaflows and biomes--a juncture between the forests of Oberon, the sands of the Shimmer, and the swamps of the Unseelie. The air is thick with dread and magic in equal amounts. Grass grows tall and sways in an eternal dawn. Every step, blades and weapons litter the ground--discarded and left to rust.

Here, the most important battles of the Faes' Contempt--the civil war between the Faewild Eidolons--took place. Allegedly, it is here that Relkath was bound to Oberon, and it was here that Lilith was felled. Allegedly, it is here the Shimmer became a monster.

The Rush is rarely visited. There's no real reason to, beyond some sense of pilgrimage to a place where the Faewild's greatest battles were fought. Yet, despite that auspicious association, the High Faerlan, the Fairies, and what is left of the Shimmer's and the Unseelie's peoples almost never tread here. A sorrow hangs in the air, the psychic residue of pain and agony and fear, writ into the water and the dirt.

This ritual shunning of the Rush makes it all the more amusing that it is a common first destination for a visitor to the Faewild--the sheer carnage and use of magic in this place has left the planar barriers weak. Things seeking to enter the Faewild can oft' punch in at the can things seeking to exit.

Life here is scant. The occasional faerie-hawk will soar over head, but the Rush has no fish or aurora-bugs. What plants grow are sharp-edged long grasses, damp mosses, and stark flowers in shades of red and violet and gold, said to be the emotions of fallen warriors taking root in the land. But that's all. No memorials were erected, no temples to honor the fallen.

In the end, their memory is kept only by swords and spears stuck in the dirt, and even then only until those weapons finally crumble to dust.


The Rush is referred to the same way Rhystians refer to Sheol (e.g., 'ugh, this tea tastes like it was brewed in the Rush.)

Faewild polities sometimes use a trip to the Ruined Rush as a form of penance for crimes, only giving the criminal forgiveness if they can retrieve a cup of the Rush's characteristic black water.