Void Crisis

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This page includes old lore! It is no longer relevant to the current Verdict storyline

Much of the Void is unknown to humanity. In fact, up until recent years, most knew little more than the odd rumor about what it could've been. On a cosmological scale, the creation of the Void can almost be considered recent, and for that reason, even human scholars and mages were caught off-guard by the Void Crisis. From a pulled-back perspective, the Void Crisis is by far and away the most critical event in all of human history. It marks a turning point where civilization progresses from a fantasy-focused medieval/renaissance era to something far more unique and specialized. When compared to other infamous events throughout humanity's time, none match the Void Crisis in the sheer devastation caused, and in the sheer progress forced.

The Build-up[edit]

No disaster is without beginning, and the Void Crisis follows suitingly. Humanity did not always reside solely within Maredein, and Maredein wasn't always the bastion of safety it's known to be in the end of the human-ruled era. Initially, the four races were split and divided, residing within individual cities, towns, and villages spread-out across the entirety of the Old World.

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