I died. What now?

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When a character dies, their soul moves on to Limbo, a plane isolated from the rest of existence. Limbo is the resting spot for the sentient and willful dead who are not yet ready to pass on through the veil and on to true death. Here, you are free to continue wrapping up your character's story, perhaps in seeing loved ones one final time before letting go of your character.

At this point, you may choose to let go of your character forever by selecting RETIRE. Once retired, your character subsumes into the background of Limbo and is put to rest. This is rarely an easy choice, but every good story must come to an end in order to start another one. By selecting to retire your character, you will receive Rebirth Tokens which can be exchanged in return for Rebirth Bonuses.

Though it may be painful to let a cherished character go, do not forget about the opportunity to start anew and craft an even more impressive story in your next character's life.

If you feel that an error has been made in being sent to Limbo through rule breaking or cheating, please contact an admin and explain the situation.