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What is Verdict? Congratulations on finding your way to the wiki for Verdict, an online MMORPG focused heavily on writing, player lore development, mechanical gameplay and much more. While a conventional RPG restricts you to the scope of its often limited mechanics, Verdict aims to set you loose.

You roleplay with other players to gain EXP, which can be used for buying real, mechanical spells, talents, and stat points. And while it's certainly our goal to represent as many of your character's abilities and goals as we can mechanically, you're always able to stretch beyond, invent new things, and forge your own paths.

What is it like to play? Unlike most MMORPGs, in Verdict, you won't get very far by focusing on combat alone. Instead, the game presents you with the ability to roleplay for EXP, meaning that the more you write, and the more you do so with the community, the higher your level and thus the more you're rewarded for doing what you do best.

If you're a fan of real-time combat, feel free to take part in the fight against the forces of the Void and Faewild. If not? We have dozens of non-combat talents with incredible depth and power, ranging from crafting and harvesting to scouting and espionage. You're free to lose hours to harvesting ore or turning said ore into alloys.