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The Faewild is a strange and mysterious plane, one that is known primarily for its overabundance of mana. It is believed that the clash of the Eidolons forced massive amounts of energy and magic to cascade out into the cosmos, and once the infinite Void shattered, those energies were consumed and concentrated within the Faewild itself. Due to this phenomenon, the Faewild has become unpredictable and dangerous, yet filled with beauty and unmatched wonders.

It was made this way only through the works of the two living Fae Eidolons as they strived to make a perfect world while still hating and battling one another. To this end, the immaculate forests, fields, and cities are laden with countless traps, enemies, and dangers that will initially go completely unnoticed.

The Faewild is home to the Eidolons Oberon and Titania as well as their creations of the High Faerlan and fairies. Other strange species exist throughout the realm, most of which being experiments of Oberon’s agents. Nymphs stand out as one of the most prominent examples of these secondhand Fae creations.

Major Locations

Otharine the City of Gold

Oberon’s pure and dreamlike domain. The city has been described to mortals by the Faerla who once knew it as home, though recounts are nothing more than foggy, distant remembrances given the damage to their memories. Some Faerla refer to the city as a home they may someday wish to return to, while others know better and warn their kin that they would be lucky to be executed if they ever set foot there again. The city is made entirely of gold and marble, as it is meant to take on the appearance of Oberon’s imagined utopia where he rules as the chosen king. Of course, as most things in the Faewild, this immaculate exterior is hiding a complex and dangerous underbelly of politics and subterfuge.

The First Grove

The site where Titania found the planted Yggdrasil and caused it to grow. Some claim that this place is the center of the Faewild, though the confirmation is left uncertain due to the fact that even the most talented of High Faerlan scouts are often unable to find it. Whether that’s due to the forests moving at Titania’s will or if the grove itself is capable of playing such tricks, the First Grove is noted only as a place of interest by the myths that revolve around it. A sea of trees extend around the grove in all directions, and fairies are often seen coming and going from where it is suspected to be located.

Minor Locations

The Quiescence Sea Unofficial Canon

The vastness known to many as the Deep Blue is known to be under the domain of Oberon, found somewhere within the Eidolon's sweeping lands. This sea roils with untold amounts of life, bringing forth soldiers for the Perfect King aspected towards that of water. None know the secrets held within its depths, though it is theorized that parts of the Quiescence Sea itself may be 'alive' in some way. It is said that many of the strangest High Faerlans are born from the kelp and seafoam found within the sea, brought to light by the King's own Truth.