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One cartographer's interpretation of Rhyst

Rhyst is the most natural and balanced plane formed from the shattering of the infinite Void. Largely believed to be nothing more than a battleground for the volatile polarization between the other planes, Rhyst has persisted throughout the years as a place for the meek and the fleeting. Claimed by four of the Eidolons who fought for the division of reality, Rhyst became a project of theirs not for power or for dominion, but for the purpose of creating life.

These four Eidolons carried with them the primal elements of reality; fire, air, earth, and water, and with them they shaped Rhyst into an ever changing yet consistent world. The Eidolons took the forms of great beasts that adapted their bodies to better utilize their element, and thus the Great Dragons of Rhyst became their collective title.

The dragons created the spirits and other, lesser dragons to oversee the lesser aspects of each of their elements, and once they recognized that their supervision was no longer needed, all four decided to rest, for they had no war and no work left for them. Among the Great Dragons was Zahhak, the Red Dragon of Fire.

Before they slept, however, the spirits were instructed and encouraged to create their own life, and through the greatest of their kind, the mortal races were born. These creatures that lived short lives were granted the ability to grow and thrive within a world that would change with them, and throughout history they have spread to nearly every corner of the world. Though they are not interconnected, the mortals have been observed by the spirits through generations, for some believe that in their brief existence, they are perhaps capable of the greatest of accomplishments

Notable Locales[edit]

The Realm of Arlandria[edit]

The Empire of Isegrád[edit]

Mount Highshield[edit]


Kal Azul[edit]

The Valley of Elae[edit]




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