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This page includes old lore! It is no longer relevant to the current Verdict storyline
The Marshes of the Void

The Shademarshes are a wetland within the void of a deep purple color.


Foul rains curtain the landscape of the Void when they fall, dark orchid in color, carrying the smell of sulfur and stagnancy. These purple rains tend to gather closer to the mountainous regions of the Void, creating sickly marshlands between the dales and the mountain steppes. These basins are a natural and more respectable boundary for the forces of the Eidolons, as marching through the sunken terrain is hardly worth the effort - Thus, the peculiar topography has shaped most of the territory divides between the many factions and sub-factions.

Void Swampland is dank, dark, moist, and barely hospitable - but in a far less openly hostile manner. The flora does not grow very high from the ground, and the rains always seem to rot the wood and plantlife that takes root. But under the canopies of rotten branches and thick, resilient foliage (evolving in defiance of the rotting rain), life finds a way. Many species are found under the cover of these swamps, safe from the demonic forces of Vul'karik, and therefore safe from being hunted for sport, pleasure, and sustenance. Surviving may be difficult, what with the toxic pools and acidic, orchid-colored rain, but those that have grown resistant to them find little wrong with this habitat.

On occasion, Umbral Folk that break free from their masters' chains, will flee into the darkened undergrowth of these Shademarshes. From there, they form Umbral Enclaves, safe from the pain of their slavers' whips, and the labors they had to endure. These enclaves are more than capable of hiding in the shadows cast by the branches that protect them, but the Umbra within are just as ready to fight back against any invaders, for fear of what they may do should their secretive, sequestered lives be revealed. All the same, they do their best to keep up hope, morale, and the dream that one day they would not have to hide.

To the Freed Umbra of these swamplands, they know that it's only a matter of time before their existence comes to light. But they know that under the cover of shadow, and in such vast numbers... They are the Apex Predators of the Shademarshes.


Even among the denizens of the Void, there are several unknown and unrecognizable species of creatures that still lurk in the Shademarshes!

It rains in these regions more than any other across the Void, resulting in about 353 inches of rainwater per 'year'.

Most enclaves found in the Shademarshes equal to around fifty~ Umbra, needing to keep their numbers low for fear of being found.