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While much of Verdict is based singularly in roleplay and lore, a generous chunk of it is represented physically and mechanically as something you, the player, can interact with. A massive portion of said chunk is composed of crafting, harvesting, and other skills. Initially called 'masteries', these skills present a unique opportunity to any and all characters: you can individually decide what you do outside of combat and politics. That's right! You can have a life beyond kicking butt and taking names.

The most obvious example of this, of course, is crafting and harvesting. There are ore, gem, and herb nodes all over the map with drop tables for rare and common materials alike. These can be harvested outright by anyone, but you can augment your chances of getting something 'good' by investing first in harvesting talents. If you're instead the type to craft, you could forego this step and invest in crafting talents instead.

Skill trees[edit]


Alchemy is the art of creating potions. From potions that can increase one's stats, to potions that can help one forget old magic, and even old skills, this is one of the most used crafting trees.


Artificery is the art of using rituals to create objects such as Foci and magical guns. It can be use to create various weapons and items that are not available to be created by other crafts.


Blacksmithing is the art of creating weapons from metals. An essential art, everyone who wants to have a weapon or armor needs to know a blacksmith who can then create it. Additionally, Blacksmiths are capable of tempering weapons, making them stronger for a duration of time.


Cooking is the art of creating food. Food in verdict has a variety of effects including making focus regenerate faster, making injuries heal faster, and assisting players with crossing the map quickly. In addition, several meals have effects on combat.


Cultivation is the art of fishing and farming. Using this skill, players are capable of catching more fish and making it easier to catch fish, as well as producing their own produce to help with cooking.


Gathering is the art of obtaining more items from nodes around the map. Using this skill, players are able to gather more items when picking things up in the wild, or sneaking past enemy mobs.


Lapidary is the art of using gems to enhance equipment or create equipment. Using this skill, players are capable of creating rings, amulets, and installing gems into weapons.


Medical is the art of healing injuries. Medics are capable of tending to minor, major, and severe wounds that can be incurred when going on events or meeting violent players in the wild.


Tracking is the art of hunting elusive prey. Trackers are capable of scouting for longer durations, hiding from others' scouting, and more easily capturing their targets.