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Dying is, ironically, a part of life in Verdict. People don't last forever, and whether you've fallen to simple old age or the weapon of an enemy..? You're almost certainly entitled to some post-life (and afterlife) excitement. This page will be reviewing said excitement, namely the Rebirth Shop, and how to participate in all the goodness that awaits the twice-dead.

If you weren't already aware, Rebirth is the process by which players die "for real". When you're lingering in Limbo after a physical death and decide it's time to try something new, your character "rebirths"- more literally, they're wiped. The character slot is freed up, and you can make a new character there... And it isn't always fun. It can be very bitter, or sweet! It all depends on the circumstances. Regardless, the Rebirth Shop exists to reward you based on your character's progress and achievements.

Rebirth Token
A Rebirth Token.
A Rebirth Token in full form.

Your Legacy

Rebirth Tokens

When you rebirth, if you were level 30 or higher in life, you'll gain 1/10th of your levels in Rebirth Tokens (rounded). Level 50 nets you 5 Tokens, level 100 nets you 10 Tokens, and level 75 nets you 8 Tokens. So on and so forth. Currently, this is the only way to gain Tokens, but in the future, achievements and thresholds will be added to help you rack up the after-afterlife cash. Rebirth Tokens are, for the record, shared all across your account, meaning all four character slots contribute!

Rebirth Shop

Once you've attained some Rebirth Tokens (at least 1), you'll be able to open the Rebirth Shop for each of your filled (active) character slots. Unlike Rebirth Tokens, the things you purchase from this shop aren't shared across your entire account. If you open John Doe's Rebirth Shop and purchase cosmetic blue fire, only John Doe will have blue fire- so make sure you know what you're buying!

Warnings aside, this shop has everything you could hope for in terms of cosmetic adjustments to your character. Certain cosmetics are more expensive than others depending on how developed or preferred they are, but most's price will hover around an average of 5 Tokens.

Why not levels?

If you've played BYOND games or really any RP games at all, you've probably encountered a system where dying rewards your next character levels, a special ability, or something similar. In Verdict, the goal is to incentivize Rebirth without providing veterans an explicit (and hard to match) advantage over everyone else. Typically, if these shop items don't cost all of your currency (Tokens, in this case), you build up a stockpile and eventually manage to have said special abilities on every single character- usually without much extra cost. That's fine when you're working with cosmetics- bragging-worthy, even!- but it can be toxic if you're working with combat-boosters instead.

As such, the solution has become a stocked-to-the-brim shop with modifications to everything from fire color to racial accessories.