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There are many consumables in Verdict, ranging from powerful combat stimulants, utility potions, to various types of food that confer their own types of buffs.

Neglect pot.png Potions[edit]

Potions are consumables produced mainly through Alchemy, though there are some potions that are produced via other means. All potions, upon consumption, will inflict a varying level of Potion Tolerance, which will prevent the consumption of another potion, until that duration is over.

Some potions come with withdrawal effects that come into play once the potion wears off. These can can only be removed through waiting out the debuff timer, actively, whilst logged in, or having someone use Purge Impurities on you.

Ghealth pot.png Combat Potions[edit]

Combat Potions provide minor buffs to your statistics, only incurring Potion Tolerance as a drawback.

Item Effect Cost
Mana pot.png Lesser Mana Potion 5 Capacity for 1 Hour 1 Starglow, 2 Nightberry, 100 focus
Gmana pot.png Greater Mana Potion 15 Capacity for 1 Hour 1 Silver Ore, 3 Nightberry, 3 Starglow, 100 focus
Managen pot.png Potion of Mana Regeneration 25 MP/s for 1 Hour 2 Malachite, 1 Tree Heart, 1 Lotus Flower, 1 Void Petal, 100 focus
Health pot.png Lesser Health Potion 5 Constitution for 1 Hour 3 Thornroot, 3 Thistleleaf, 100 focus
Ghealth pot.png Greater Health Potion 15 Constitution for 1 Hour 1 Curtain Lily, 3 Thistleleaf, 3 Thornroot, 100 focus
Regen pot.png Potion of Regeneration 25 HP/s for 1 Hour 5 Amber, 1 Tree Heart, 1 Curtain Lily, 1 Bloodroot, 100 focus

Impairement pot.png Utility Potions[edit]

Utility potions provide out of combat benefits, such as lowered gathering costs, respeccing skills and or spells.

Item Effect Cost
Collect brew.png Collector's Brew -10 focus needed to gather for 2 Hours 1 Gold Ore, 1 Diamond, 1 Curtain Lily, 100 focus
Lunberjack brew.png Lumberjack's Aid 1 extra wood gathered per swing for 2 Hours 10 Wood, 1 Bat Blood, 100 focus
Neglect pot.png Bottled Neglect Allows the user to refund One Spell or One Skill 2 Curtain Lilies, 3 Bat Blood, 2 Lotus Flowers, 1 Tempest Core, 100 focus
Derelict pot.png Potion of Dereliction Allows the user to refund up to Three Spells or Skills 3 Starglow, 3 Tempest Cores, 1 Void Petal, 3 Golem Cores, , 100 focus
Impairement pot.png Impairment Potion Refunds 20 points in ALL stats. Cannot refund unspent points. 10 Thornroot, 1 Lotus Flower, 1 Tempest Core, 3 Starglow, 3 Ethereal Water , 100 focus
Conjured drink.png Conjured Drink Provides a varying amount of focus depending on the creators level. Used to provide focus for others. 400 Focus, relevant skill in Elementalism

Norm toxin.png Poisons[edit]

Item Effect Cost
Norm toxin.png Lesser Toxin 100 Magic damage/s taken for 1 Hour 1 Coal Ore, 3 Purplecaps, 3 Nightberries, 100 focus
Mana toxin.png Mana Toxin -10 Mana/s for 1 Hour 1 Wolfram Ore, 3 Purplecaps, 3 Nightberries, 100 focus
Debil toxin.png Debilitating Brew -5 to all attributes for 1 Hour 1 Barracuda, 10 Purplecaps, 1 Lotus Flower, 100 focus

Faedust.png Catalysts[edit]

Catalysts provide powerful performance enhancers, ranging from out-of-combat focus stimulants, or in-combat drugs that provide positive effects at the cost of a withdrawal once the effect wears off.

Item Effect Cost
Wormwood.png Wormwood +6 Focus Regen/minute, -500 Max Focus, Vision Warping, 4 Hour Duration 1 Wood, 3 Lotus Flowers, 1 Tree Heart, 5 Purplecaps, 100 focus
Sundrop.png Sundrop 20% of all damage taken delayed over 5 seconds, Sundrop Withdrawal, 4 Hour Duration 1 Void Petal, 5 Gold ore, 10 Amber, 100 focus
Faedust.png Faedust 10% Damage Bonus, Faedust Withdrawal, 4 Hour Duration 1 Fairy Tear, 5 Nightberries, 1 Bloodroot, 5 Purplecaps, 100 focus
Euphoria.png Euphoria 15 HP/s, 15 MP/s, 5 Damage Resist, 25% faster injury healing, Euphoria Withdrawal 4 hour duration 1 Bloodroot, 3 Tree Hearts, 1 Golem Core, 5 Ethereal Water

Str tinc.png Tinctures[edit]

Stat Tinctures, which when consumed, provide a permanent buff of two extra stat points depending on the tincture consumed. Only Twenty five tinctures may be consumed on

Item Effect Cost
Cap tinc.png Capacity Tincture 2 Capacity 3 Thistleleaf, 3 Starglow, 3 Onyx, 100 focus
Con tinc.png Constitution Tincture 2 Constitution 3 Thornroot, 3 Purplecap, 3 Amber, 100 focus
Dex tinc.png Dexterity Tincture 2 Dexterity 3 Thornroot, 3 Nightberries, 3 Quartz 100 focus
Cont tinc.png Control Tincture 2 Control 3 Thistleleaf, 3 Starglow, 1 Malachite, 100 focus
Str tinc.png Strength Tincture 2 Strength 3 Thornroot, 3 Purplecap, 1 Diamond, 100 focus

Suture.png Medicine[edit]

Medicine helps prevent certain debuffs, and treat wounds incurred through risky combats.

Item Effect Cost
L tonic.png Lesser Tonic 10% faster injury healing rate, 2 hour duration 3 Amber, 1 Coal, 1 Thornroot
G tonic.png Greater Tonic Prevents the Tired debuff from losing fights when active 3 Purple Cap, 1 Tempest Core, 3 Starglow
Numbpaste.png Numbing Paste 5 Con per injury 3 Quartz, 1 Iron Ore, and 1 Thistleleaf
Pain inhib.png Pain Inhibitor 10 Con per injury 10 Butterfly Wings, 2 Ectoplasm, 3 Bat Blood
Gauze.png Gauze 30% faster injury healing rate, 24 hour duration 1 Thistleleaf, 3 Thornroot, 5 Wood, and 1 Deer Leather
Suture.png Sewing Thread Heals 12 hours + (1 hour per 1000 medical EXP) on wounds 1 Thistleleaf, 1 Deer Leather, 1 Iron, and 1 Thornroot


Food provides a varied amount of in combat and out of combat buffs. Prepared meals, of a certain tier, each provide their own buff. Higher tier foods last for longer, but do not give anymore statistical advantages. For the sake of cataloging, the five available buffs will be listed separate from each meal, rather than listing the given effect per item.

Wellfed.png Food Buffs[edit]

Well Fed and Nature's Refreshment do not stack. Deer, Boar, Fish, and Frog buffs do not stack. You can only have ONE generic buff and ONE meat buff.

Buff Type Effect Acquisition
Wellfed.png Well Fed 10HP/s, 900 Focus/hr, x Travel Speed Eating any cooked food item.
Drinkbuff.png Nature's Refreshment 10HP/s 10MP/s Drinking mead or wine.
Deerfood.png Deer's Gallop 5 Move Speed, 5 Travel Speed Eating any prepared Deer food item.
Boarfood.png Boar's Strength 3 Control, 3 Strength Eating any prepared Boar food item.
Fishfood.png Fish -0.5 Dash Cooldown Eating any prepared Fish food item.
Frogfood.png Le Froge +10 Dexterity Eating any prepared Frog food item.

Cooked boar.png Basic Food[edit]

Item Effect Cost
Cooked deer.png Cooked Venison Wellfed Buff for 30 minutes. 1 Raw Venison, 1 Coal, 100 Focus
Cooked boar.png Cooked Boar Leg Wellfed Buff for 30 minutes. 2 Raw Boar Legs, 1 Coal, 100 Focus
Cooked frog.png Cooked Frog Skewer Wellfed Buff for 30 minutes. 1 Raw Frog Skewer, 1 Coal, 100 Focus
Cooked fishsteak.png Fish Steak Wellfed Buff for 30 minutes. 1 Raw Fish Steak, 1 Coal, 100 Focus
Cooked fishellet.png Fish Fillet Wellfed Buff for 30 minutes. 1 Raw Fish Fillet, 1 Coal, 100 Focus

Jerky deer.png Jerky[edit]

Item Effect Cost
Jerky deer.png Deer Jerky Wellfed and Dear Buff for 60 minutes. 1 Raw Venison, 1 Coal, 100 Focus
Jerky boar.png Boar Jerky Wellfed and Boar Buff for 60 minutes. 2 Raw Boar Legs, 1 Coal, 100 Focus
Jerky frog.png Frog Jerky Wellfed and Frog Buff for 50 minutes. 1 Raw Frog Skewer, 1 Coal, 100 Focus
Jerky fish.png Fish Jerky Wellfed and Fish Buff for 60 minutes 1 Raw Frog Skewer, 1 Coal, 100 Focus

Roast deer.png Roasts[edit]

Item Effect Cost
Roast deer.png Deer Roast Wellfed and Deer Buff for 2 hours. 3 Raw Venison, 1 Spice, 1 Salt, 1 Coal Ore, 100 Focus
Roast boar.png Pork Roast Wellfed and Boar Buff for 2 hours. 3 Raw Boar Legs, 1 Spice, 1 Salt, 1 Coal Ore 100 Focus
Roast fish.png Fish Roast Wellfed and Frog Buff for 2 hours. 3 Raw Fish Steaks, 1 Spice, 1 Salt, 1 Coal Ore 100 Focus

Sandvich.png Misc.[edit]

Item Effect Cost
N bowl.png Noodle Bowl Wellfed buff for x minutes 10 Wheat, 1 Wood, 1 Salt
P bowl.png Pork Bowl Wellfed buff for x minutes 1 Noodle Bowl, 1 Cooked Boar Leg, 1 Salt
N bowl.png Veggie Bowl Wellfed buff for x minutes 1 Noodle Bowl, 1 Carrot, 1 Beet, 1 Cucumber, 1 Salt
Mead.png Mead 2 Drunk stacks, Nature's Refreshment Buff 5 Wheat, 5 Sugar
Wine.pngWine 1 Drunk stack, Nature's Refreshment Buff 5 Blueberries, 1 Sugar
B salad.png Berry Salad Wellfed buff for x minutes 3 Blueberries, 1 Beet, 1 Cucumber, 1 Corn
Sugarberries.pngSugared Berries Wellfed buff for x minutes 4 Blueberries, 1 Sugar
Sandvich.png Sandwich Wellfed buff for x minutes 1 Loaf of Bread, 1 Vegetable, 1 Meat