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This page includes old lore! It is no longer relevant to the current Verdict storyline


Between the transition of centuries, the races of the past were made, mixed, and procreated with themselves and one another. While this was not the design of the Eldest Spirits when they created the races, this was a natural part of life as the races lived together and built civilizations, realms, and empires. As a result of this dilution the races were not what they once were, with pure versions of the races speculated to only exist within secluded parts of the world where they would not have found each other.

This page will be briefly detailing the four lost races, who are not often seen today but are important for the history of Rhyst.


Alphabetically the first, but chronologically the last of the four first races to be created, the Aiphe were a race crafted by the wind Spirits, Ai and Phee. Traditionally, they were a nomadic race, rarely settling for long and often traveling in caravans. It is hard to find a true Aiphe city, but more frequently they would gather in places to do trades, and thus large trading hubs in which caravans would stay for multiple days before heading out were not an infrequent occurrence among the race.

They were green skinned, and often shorter than the other races. They also tended to be tinkerers and creators. They were known for being well suited to desert life, and were the most inclusive of all the races.

Worldly effects[edit]

Being as inclusive as the race was allowed for it to spread with great influence.

The Empire of Isegrad is particularly noted for having Aiphe culture as well as Eshe culture due to the first Emperor being of the Aiphe race.

Isegrad’s Draconians are thought to have either half or a third of their ancestry found in Aiphe.

The Kal Azulans are noted to be descended from Aiphe heritage. Their traveling culture is most often represented in the Taut subculture.

The Plaines Fertiles were primarily settled by the Aiphe.


Of the four lost races, the Esche, crafted by the water spirit Eschen, were the first. The Esche societies were village based, and often regarded one of two ways. The more common portrayal that they found was honorable focusing on proving themselves. The other was known as the path of piracy, seen as far more cut throat. Both portrayals come from a rather unique point, that being that the Esche society of the path did not know about the Cycle of Souls, the governing theory of how Souls work today. As a result, their belief system was focused around dying and being sent to Eschen, where it’s now believed these souls may have instead found Limbo.

The Esche were also responsible for the first empires, assisting Eshcen in maintaining his dominance over the ocean. They were unquestioned until the creation of the Vaien.

Esche were known for having scales, as well as horns and fins, often appearing aquatic. They also had webbed feet and gills. Even so, Esche were incapable of breathing water.

Worldly effects[edit]

Isegrad’s Draconians are thought to have either half or a third of their ancestry found in Esche

The Viruna Trench Draconians are thought to be a more direct descendant of the Esche.


The Hysen were the third crafted of the four lost races, made by the earth Spirit Hysena, and by far the most mysterious now in days. Aside from Felsen Skarn, the War-Singer and founder of Arlandria, information on the Hysen is rather minimal. Even during the time when they were most visible, the Hysen cities of the Underground were relatively unknown and extremely seclusionist, while their above ground cities were always surrounded in walls of stone, making them feel more comfortable when away from their underground caverns. They were a race mainly known for the paranoia, making them head further and further underground until contact with their race in the modern day was lost completely.

Hysen were known for being skinny, lanky, and monochrome. They were said to be impossibly dark colored, or impossibly light colored when they were spotted.

Worldly effects[edit]

Felsen Skarn, a Hysen, is known for establishing the Realm of Arlandria.

In Plaines Fertiles, the hillier south was once settled by Hysen.

Itzar-Dunn was a Hysen settlement


The second of the races to be created, the Vaien were made by the fire spirit Vaiel, as a result of the Esche coming into being. It was said that as the Esche began to spread more and more of their creator’s influence across Rhyst, the Vaien were created to dominate and maintain hold of the land, preventing Eschen from ruiling unchallenged. A great rivalry between the two great spirits was born from these acts.

It should come with no surprise, given what the Vaien was formed for, that they are mainly remembered for their responsibility. The Vaien felt responsible for watching over the world, and making sure that they, and the rest of humanity, got along. While the Esche built the first empires, the Vaien maintained the largest ones.

The Vaien typically bore ears and a tail, but past that had great variation in how animalistic their appearances would be. The animals they resembled were often mammalian, avian, and terrestrial by nature.

Worldly effects[edit]

Wildkin are descended from the Vaien.

A Vaien Empire had forcibly united Aquitania


The four lost races were said to each have been made from animals. Eschen made the Esche out of fish, amphibians, and lizards. Vaiel crafted the Vaien out of mammals and avians. The records say little of what Hysena chose for the base of the Hysen other than they were creatures of the dark. Lastly, Ai and Phee made their Aiphe from the discarded creatures of the world, a speculated line of thought for this meaning insects and the like.

The location of the villages of the four lost races is responsible for the placement of the spirits in the Cosmology of Spiritualism diagram

The Rajen, often thought of as progenitor humans, have most of their individual history lost to the sands of time, and thus have not been covered.


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