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This page includes old lore! It is no longer relevant to the current Verdict storyline
"...there once stood a grand city destined to rival the splendor of the capital city.

Governed by a council of respected citizens, it fell during its golden age... struck by

calamity and the aftermath of a conflict with what the refugees would call the evil spirit, Holos."

-Extract from Historical accounts of the empire, Vol. IV, from Apostate Luram 912AC

The History of Itzar-Dunn[edit]

During the mid-seventh century of the popular calendar, Itzar-Duun was living its golden age alongside what would soon become the realms of Arlandria and the empire of Isegrád. With a solid foundation, the infrastructure and politics of its settlement were only equaled by the contributions of its industry and researches toward the valley. Helped by the neighboring cities, Itzar-Duun would transform its popular assembly government and select a few members, forming a council among the most respected citizens...

In accordance with the growing community and the wish of the council, it nurtured professionals that would later help in Skarn's and Balin's efforts toward their own specific nations.

Meeting Holos[edit]

During this era of expansion and growth, Rulia Korsai used her position on the council to finance delving expeditions in the northern mountains. Long left alone, these mountains were meant to be easy success and a rich source of benefits for the settlement. Yet, in spite of house Korsai being experts at handling expeditions and the management of caravans, it faced constant failures.

In the years following the start of these delves, the appearance of Holos and his grudge for Elae had led to the complete wipe of many expeditions. It would require the investment of magi in the expeditions to finally grasp the extent of the threat the city faced, but it came with a price.

Many would rumor Holos had decided to stop hiding now that Elaen's settlers had found his lair. The few survivors would need weeks to reclaim their sanity after the torments they lived through and Itzar-Duun entered a year-long conflict against the spirit to stop his growing retaliations... It would lead to the deformation of the mountains themselves and the loss of many, only succeeding in forcing the spirit away while leaving scars that would last decades if not centuries.

The Broken City[edit]

After the painstaking efforts and investment it had taken to remove Holos from the valley, the stability of Itzar-Duun took a huge hit. Two council members had perished and the army lost many key figures, needing constant reform while supporting the reconstruction.

At least, the events led to the return of some citizens that had left Itzar-Duun to help Tarn years ago. Without their help, it's said the city would of never been able to stop the growing emigration of its citizens still afraid of Holos. It would also help improve ties between the city and the future empire of Balin.

However, the new city would never compare to the old. As a compromise, the new and old citizens decided to relocate everything away from the ruins of Itzar-Duun, using the materials from the ruins to build a new place to live within the boundary of the valley, still standing to this day...