Grand Boshnovia

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This page includes old lore! It is no longer relevant to the current Verdict storyline
"Grand Boshnovia, a fabled myth dug out of the mists of time to most yet for those who search it couldn't be more real. There are many dangers within the frozen steppes but out of all the various perils that may befall a traveler there is one blessing. To find themselves spotting the myriad colors upon the sky-line for they have found a caravan of Boshnovians. Just try not to ignore the smell of Tapir."
- Traveling scholar.


The wandering Boshnovian's trace their origins back to the heart of the Isegradian Empire itself. In generations past they were citizens of that great city and they worked with the same drive of their neighbors to strive towards greatness as they sought to uphold the ideas of Balin. It was only during the Night of Frost as the cities resources were stretched to the absolute limit that the people who would one day become the Boshnovians enter the stage of history. As the desert's heat turned to a freezing cold the city of Isegrad found its people starving, discontent brewing over in the streets, and seemingly the end approaching.
That the proto-Boshnovians appear having risen as a faction within the city. One that advocated the dethroning of the reigning Emperor arguing that they were to blame for angering the spirits of Rhyst. This of course led to several violent skirmishes in the streets and the eventual mobilization of the weakened military of Isegrad. Though it was weakened severely due to several cohorts joining the rebels. The Emperor proved victories and in a showing of brutality the leaders of the rebellion, including the claimant they supported to the throne, were all executed and those who supported them exiled from the city.
In a stream of disorganized mobs they left the city. None to few of them looting on their way out of the gates and perhaps it is this more than the rebellion itself that explains the lasting animosity between the distant kindred of Boshnovia and Isegrad. Though it is in the years after their exile that they truly became a people all their own. Some died of course and more fled to lands beyond Dessica those who remained became something akin to wandering brigands.
Until Yevgeny, a prophet, arose to unite the disparate bands of scoundrels that the exiles had become. Though clouded in mystery what the Boshnovians believe is that Yevgeny was actually the claimant, whose name was wiped from history, who had been executed after the failed rebellion. Who had supposedly awoken from death after the events of the failed uprising. In the intervening years between their re-appearance it is said they had been traveling in the realms beyond Rhyst and having returned with a message.
They spoke to their united peoples and told them of a land called Boshnovia, a land of plenty destined for them to settle. They taught them how to domesticate the Tapirs and how to construct the semi-floating wagons they now dwell and travel within. In a few short years the prophet had turned a rag-tag band of brigands barely surviving the harsh tundra of Dessica. Into a highly motivated and mobile force with a culture bent on a zealous drive for exploration. Then they vanished.


Bashnovian Tapir Wagons

The Exiles, Boshnovians, or people of Yevgeny as they like to call themselves. Have a diverse culture which prizes an adventurous spirit above all else. Their culture promotes such behavior by its vivid festivals and dances. Indeed even in larger caravans that may stretch miles it is not uncommon to see the entire thing stop in the middle of a blizzard to have a festival celebrating life. This gregarious behavior and some might say foolhardy stubbornness to spite the bleakness of the world speaks volumes about what a Boshnovian cares about.
It is also not uncommon for contests of strength and skill to take place on a regular basis between the peoples of the caravan. From Tapir-riding to singing they partake in all manners of friendly sport. Though, perhaps the most famous is the great ride as they call it. In which the Caravan itself is brought together to create a massive oval. Those entering adulthood are given bows with blunted arrows and their Tapirs. They will race one another around the caravan itself. Using the blunted arrows their goal is to either eliminate, by injuring until they cannot compete, their competitors or simply out-racing them for five laps around the caravan.
There are many such events which combine the need for spectacle and toughness. It is a common belief that they must remember where they come from. The hard days as thieves and brigands so that they can forever avoid returning to such a lowly state. It is a penance in fact imposed by Yevgeny which forbids any of his followers from harming a stranger on the road. Demanding instead that they be treated as a honored guest. Though the Boshnovians say this was not because they had stolen or robbed from others, as this still happens to those they consider to have wronged them, but because they committed violence upon their own people.