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This page includes old lore! It is no longer relevant to the current Verdict storyline
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History of the Lost Wolf Tribe[edit]

For many generations, this story has been told from parents to children to show them how the tribe came to be. As to how true the context of this information is can be up for debate for it has only ever been passed down through word of mouth through the centuries.

The story goes like this:

"Now there may be things left out our lost... for it has been a story told by word of mouth for generations." That is when he took a breath for a moment. And then began to speak. "It was many generations ago. Before the Tribe formed. There was a single lost and lonely wolf. He wandered the lands for a long time. Why he wandered alone for so long? None know, but it was known it was not of his own devise." He took a breath for a moment before he began to speak again. "This wolf then came across a singular Rabbit Wildkin one day on his journey. The Rabbit Wildkin was in distress for the Tribe from which the wolves belonged to had been one of Warriors who the Rabbit Wildkin of the time stood no match for." Another short pause he gave while taking a breath. And then posing a question to his audience just as was done for him. "Do you know what the Wolf Wildkin did to the Rabbit Wildkin from which his previous Tribe had been known for attacking in the past?"

That is when he tried to make a scary yet funny face and jumped for a moment at the audience "Then the wolf Wildkin went and thrashed at the...!" Then he began laughing for a moment. This seemed the first time he had moved at all during this entire time. But the laughter stopped only after a moment of the fun he was having and then he went back to his usual composed self. "I only jest. The lone Wolf Wildkin simply asked a question to the Rabbit Wildkin. 'Are you lost?'. It was just three simple words asked. And he Rabbit Wildkin responded that he was. That he was out casted from his tribe simply because they saw him as a burden, for he was lame in his left leg. He could not run fast and was born slower than the others." Another moment of pause before he continued. "It was then the lone Wolf Wildkin told to the Rabbit Wildkin that he could follow him. For he himself had no where to go back to either. As this came a shock to the Rabbit Wildkin but he agreed to do so. For the Rabbit Wildkin knew he could not out run any enemies and having a Wolf Wildkin companion would surely help deter most from attacking." Another pause of breath and he would continue again. "They journeyed together far and wide, soon building a bond and strong trust between each other. The Wolf Wildkin helped the Rabbit Wildkin to find their own talents in the process. But after travelling they met another. A Bear Wildkin. But this Bear Wildkin was no friend but a fiend! He would attack the Wolf Wildkin and Rabbit Wildkin violently in an attempt to rob them of their goods." Another pause in the story as he began again

Then they smiled a bit more while closing his eyes and tilting his head a little bit. "They had done so. But they did not kill the Bear Wildkin, nor did they fight to cause major injuries. They managed to make him surrender on his own accord using both of their own skills to fight such a fearsome foe." Then he paused again to take a breath and began again. "After the battle the Wolf Wildkin approached the Bear Wildkin and asked of him. 'Why do you resort to banditry?'. And so the Bear Wildkin replied. 'I am hungry, my tribe is no more and I have not ate in many days.'. Was this just a trick that the Bear Wildkin was playing? But it did not matter to the Wolf Wildkin. For he tended to the Bear Wildkin's wounds. Then he gave him rations to eat." Another pause and moment to breath came to him. "But the Rabbit Wildkin protested asking why they should share the little food they had with the Bear Wildkin who tried to rob them? The Wolf Wildkin responded saying. 'Desperation gets the best of us at times. But a helping hand can take one out from those dreary depths and give to then a new path.'. With this the Wolf Wildkin had gave the same offer to the Bear Wildkin as he once did the Rabbit Wildkin. And so he joined the group." Another slight pause and breath before he began with the rest of the Story. "Soon they encountered more and more who seemed lost or without a way. Just as the Wolf Wildkin and the Rabbit Wildkin and the Bear Wildkin had been. Each with their own circumstances. Yet the Wolf Wildkin excepted them all none the same, Be it Lion Wildkin, Owl, Raccoon, Panda, Ape, and many others. It was unheard of at the time. So many different Wildkin together without any qualms against another. Yet they all walked side by side as equals. And as time grew the small group soon turned into its own Tribe. One with no name." A longer pause this time as he continued to obtain some more air after speaking for a while and speaking of the story for a while. "But the other tribes took notice. Especially the Wolf Wildkin's original tribe who confronted him. They gave him a demand. Either bend the knee and become servants of the Wolf Tribe. Or to die where they stood. The Wolf Wildkin who was once lost stood no chance against the foe. Nor did his people. For the Wolf Tribe was much stronger than theirs." It seemed the story was soon coming to an end. And he went silent again for a moment. For any last questions before the end of the story was to be completed. "So then. What do you think happened on this last endeavor?"

Now this is where he again just smiled and blinked for a moment for he expected an answer of that sorts. "Both. The once lost Wolf Wildkin prayed for a moment. Praying to the Great Dire Wolf Spirit. Asking if only for a moment if he could have his power, to be his champion so that he may protect the pack from which he so cared for. In exchange he would give his life to the Great Dire Wolf Spirit as tribute. That is when he would go off to fight the Wolf Tribe. And winning. Yet costing him his own life in the process. The rest of the Tribe that he formed was saddened. " Another pause before he continued speaking again. "So they would name their new tribe after the once lost Wolf. Calling it the Lost Wolf Tribe. From which they elected the Rabbit Wildkin, the one who had been in for the longest time and who had been one of the once lost Wolf Wildkin's dearest friends took over as the Tribal Chieftain, leading the tribe, finding more who had been lost." It was almost the end of the story. But then he would continue speaking again. "The one lost Wolf Wildkin did not lead out of fear, out of power, out of simple inheriting the position of leader. He led his people because they had placed their faith in him to lead them. And he did not wish to betray their faith so he fought those who wished to harm his people. And gave his life to do so against an enemy much stronger than themselves. And thus it was also agreed upon from there, that none shall stand above another but side by side in the tribe." - A general story told through many generations among the tribe.

Culture of the Lost Wolf Tribe[edit]

The Lost Wolf Tribe had always been a strange one. Being one of the first tribes to be mixed of so many different Wildkin, but also because of its habit of simple existing than not existing. At some points it can be recorded of Tribal villages being set up and at other times they become nomadic and in most occasions they just seem to disappear for years on end only to resurface elsewhere once more. Never had they been a big tribe. But one that over the years accumulated much knowledge from many different Wildkin and different places in the world. Passing that knowledge down by way of word for generations.

The Tribe believes heavily on freedom, for the tribe itself was only created to allow those a safe place to belong. Though as it grew there had been times when laws would be needed for the most basic concepts in order to allow others freedom. Thus Religious freedom had been a thing for a long while as well inside the Tribe. That any Wildkin could praise and worship which ever Guardian Deity they wished.

Somethings would be venerated even for their Tribe, knowledge was always something that was seen as precious but was to be distributed to any and all who seek it within the Tribe. For knowledge was like a life blood of the tribe, without knowing history they would only be doomed to repeat it or to become like the other tribes who had come and gone.

Of course these ideas and merging of many Wildkin into a single tribe would of course bring attention from many other tribes. Some simple wishing to find a way to take advantage of the Lost Wolf Tribe. Others who saw it as an abomination and wished to destroy it. So it was not uncommon to find that the Lost Wolf Tribe had been persecuted before many times in the past.

The Lost Wolf Tribe's Fate[edit]

The Journey to Sarea began simple become one of the Shaman's had a premonition. That this island would be a place from which many may be able to become closer to the Guardian Spirits which resided. That is was a place of great importance. And so they set sail. Only for the majority of the tribe to be caught in a storm and spread apart among the island.

Its Sarean chieftain Sly rallied a number of Wildkin to his side, but in time conflict proved inevitable. Despite seeking allies with the other neutral settlements, he found few aside from his closest companions willing to take the fight to the great nations. In the end he was captured by Arlandria and executed. The Lost Wolves fragmented afterwards, and not much is known about their fate on the island from then on. Perhaps some still dwell in the wilds of Sarea, waiting for their time to rise again in the name of the chieftain who guided them to this land, or perhaps they've moved on from his legacy to pursue their own fate.