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This page includes old lore! It is no longer relevant to the current Verdict storyline

Spiritual Vassalization is a hierarchy in which Spirits live with each other in harmony, while domains may overlap. It is observed by all Spirits to various degrees, with the term ‘Vassal’ typically depicting Spirits that are closer in working together or where one is the direct, willing subordinate of the other.

The Spirit with the larger domain is often referred to as a Lord, while the Spirit with a more limited domain serves as Vassal.

The most important part of this relationship is willing assistance. It is possible for Spirits in conflict to have a domain that is within another domain, however it would not be considered a Lord and Vassal relationship.


Spirit Vassalization is something innate to all Spirits. The five oldest Spirits, sometimes referred to as the Cardinal Spirits, are the Spirits that lay claim to Water, Fire, Earth, and Air. As such, every other Spirit that exists and has it’s domain as part of these elements is a subordinate to one of these five Spirits. These larger Spirits allow for others to care for, and feed on the mana of said domains. Even so, a lesser Spirit would never be referred to as a ‘Vassal’ of a Cardinal Spirit.

To be considered a Vassal, the Spirits must share domains, however one must hold a dominant part of a domain, and the vassal Spirit holds a domain that falls within the confines of this dominant domain. These domains do not have to be of the same element. The Spirit of a forest might find it’s vassal within the Spirit of a River within that forest. A Spirit of an Ocean might find their vassal within an air Spirit that helps sailboats cross a stretch of it.

A Spirit of a desert might find their Vassal in the Spirit of a sand dune.

The first Spirits to be considered Vassals were the Eight Elder Spirits. These are Melous and Samsara, considered Vassals of Eschen, Amada and Helios, considered Vassals of Vaiel, Delta and Sylva, considered Vassals of Hysena, and Ter-Anaht and Cygnus, considered Vassals of Ai and Phee. These Elder Spirits are considered Vassals due to sharing the same domain of the Cardinal Spirits to an extent, being their subordinates willingly, and having enough power to be acknowledged by the Spirits themselves.

In 1010 Ac, reports of Spirit Vassalization on Sarea also were reported. Velin, the Spirit of Sarea, has vassal Spirits in the form of Sinis of the Caldera, and Urogz of the Swamps, among others.


Spirits are not divine beings, not being omniscient nor omnipotent. Even the Cardinal Spirits, being great and powerful, and having domains that span the world, can not watch over every instance of their domain at once. Over time, the Spirits realized this, and thus with an expanse of mana, they would begin to work with one another in mutually beneficial relationships.

The Vassal receives the mana of a smaller domain while the Lord spirit draws still far more than enough to sustain themselves. At the same time, the Vassal is now in charge of managing their portion of the domain, solving problems and drawing the attention of the Lord spirits when the need calls for it. This frees up the Lord Spirit’s time from matters that may otherwise take it up.

These relationships do not exist just for the larger Spirits. Some lesser Spirits find vassals in other lesser Spirits, such as a Spirit of a lake that may find a vassal in the form of a Spirit of a stone within a lake.


Earth and Water Spirits, more specifically those of Forests and Oceans, are known for having the most Spirit Vassals.

Some Spirits accept Elementals as vassals. This is typically done in hopes of restoring them to sentience, or due to that Elemental’s particular combat abilities.

Mortal races are unable to become vassals due to being unable to connect to domains the way that Spirits can. This does not stop some communities from having people who would work with the Spirits, sometimes referred to as that Spirit’s champion instead.

During 1005 Ac, Velin of Sarea was believed to have at least seven vassals.


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