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This page includes old lore! It is no longer relevant to the current Verdict storyline

The Spirit of Man is a philosophy that does not believe in a literal Spirit, despite having the word 'Spirit' in it. Instead, it revolves around the greatness innate to Rhystians. It is a view of the world that can be compared and contrasted to Balinism and Humanism. It does not believe in the ideals of an ascension as found in Balinism, nor does it hold such aggressive disdain and distrust of all Spirits and Eidolons as with Humanism.

Within this philosophy is the sincere belief that mortality is what makes us so great. As Delta once said:

"There is latent greatness in all things weak."

This irreligious philosophy recognizes it is the innate frailty and weakness of Man that ironically is what makes them such powerful contenders against the Void and the Fae. Knowing weakness and having to grow from it is the best gift one can ask for. It is through struggle and adversity one may grow.

To cut a tree just to prove it can be cut down. To push a boulder just to prove it can be moved. To scale a mountain just to prove it is conquerable.


  • Humanity itself is born with greatness innate in them. All they must do is embrace it and struggle in the name of what they believe in, and they will find their greatness increase and manifest in the world around them.
  • To struggle is to grow. There cannot be growth without struggle, and those who struggle and hold fast will find themselves unbreakable.
  • The unconquerable can become conquerable with enough time and patience.
  • Everyone bears the potential for incredible acts, be they the most lowliest farmer, the common militiaman or craftsman, or the highborn noble. Rank, titles, and lineage are irrelevant.
  • Mortals should work with Rhyst, as it is the best environment suited to harness their potential.
  • Spirits are Rhystian, much like man, and should be collaborated with and aided where possible.
  • Be truthful and sincere to yourself and your passions. Doing what you love will make you better. Be bold towards fulfilling this.
  • The Extraplanar should be rejected. Demons and High Fae serve in totality, losing their will, and thus lose the truest source of power.


The Spirit of Man was adopted by the original founders of Boundary in the year 1027. Boundary as a town was composed of multiple factions, and the tenets of this philosophy were created due to their mutual collaboration.

It served as the foundation of the mercenaries of the Battle Brothers. Then, with time, it was entwined with the beliefs and principles of the Shattering Stars alongside a sprinkle of Monk Highshield culture.

The Battle Brothers are a group of militiamen who were forced into battle at an early age. It is these events that inspired their beliefs, for in battle, all men are equal. The titles you bear and the riches you possess do not matter. It is conviction, skill, and sheer desperation to accomplish your goals that see you through battle. This would go on to influence the Brothers and lay the foundation of The Spirit of Man.

Yet what you see and hear of today has expanded beyond the humble beliefs of hardened, unknowledgeable mercenaries. It now covers a wide swath of principles and beliefs due to the influence of Spiritualists from Highshield as well as Tanzaku and the Shattering Stars.

The different beliefs held within the three founding cultures of Boundary, whether it be faith in man, a support of Spirits, or the support of Rhyst, all mixed and intertwined as they fought the cults at their doorstep hand-in-hand.

It is no longer just about the value of persistence, dedication and struggle, but how and why this demonstrates the superiority of Rhystians over the extraplanar. Of the indomitable Rhystian spirit triumphing over the cruel indifference of the planes at large.

The influence of the Shattering Stars, as well as Highshield, is especially visible in regards to the views of Spirits and extraplanar. Battle Brothers initially viewed them as irrelevant or even untrustworthy, however frequent talks and discussions brought forth a trust in the Spirits that would echo throughout the philosophy and be instilled into it.

The Spirit of Man tends to be unpopular in areas with nobility, or magic focused rule due to its focus on the everyday man, rather than becoming "gods" or similar higher entities. It tends to be more accepted in areas with less class or ruling systems, and in places where Spirits may often be found.

Of course, no other locale believes in this ideology as wholly and sincerely as Boundary and their founding leaders.


“Strength and Fortune” is a common greeting of those who believe in The Spirit of Man. It carries no innate significance, but it sees heavy use by those who believe in it. Some use it freely, whilst others withhold it for those who have earned a notable level of respect. Some just like the way it sounds. There was a wanderer who first spoke this phrase, and it was then adopted.

It is theorized that Delta himself possesses viewpoints similar to that of the Spirit of Man due to the meddling he performs on behalf of mortals and the potential he sees within them.

Being Touched, obviously, goes against these principles. It is a subversion of your innate potential, relying completely upon other entities for power instead of your own self. A replacement for a faltering, lack-luster will.

It is not a strict and definitive belief system, rather it is somewhat malleable. Some of these adherents may incorporate this into their worship of Spirits, while others may refuse to acknowledge Spirits as anything more than equals, brothers of Rhyst. Regardless, there is almost always feelings of camaraderie or begrudging reluctance to collaborate between all those who fall under the banner of Rhyst.


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