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The Grudge Breaker
This page includes old lore! It is no longer relevant to the current Verdict storyline

"Let the light cast away all doubts, lies, and evils that dwell in the dark."

Epithet: The Grudge Breaker[edit]


A powerful spirit of Vengeance in the Lands of Kal Azul. Formed by the desire for vengeance of the residents of that country.


The Clans of Kal Azul are divided, different cultures, different ideas on how to defeat the undead and demons that plague their homeland. But there is one ideal that unites them all. The desire for Vengeance.

During the clamor of one of the great battles of numerous clan against an encroaching horde, a horrific explosion ripped through the center lines, as an armored figure ascended like the great cries of thousands of Azulans. Anger ripped through the Azulans, their bare hands invigorated and able to tear great chunks from the Void beasts. Vengeance had come and it was mighty.

Now the spirit spends most of its time empowering clans who supplicant it enough, trying to solve their every petty grievance with brutal vengeance. No matter what grudge that may be born, Zul will break it, making the target pay thrice in price for every slight. But its main focus is as always towards the hordes of the Void.

With the easing of tensions with the undead and their hordes. The spirit is able to start to consolidate its power more and more, and as Azulan’s and Kal Azulan’s make their way to Sarea, does its gaze start to look to this island. Even if it can not travel there itself, it seeks knowledge of the great foe that has seemingly gone to this land.


A fully armored figure with no visible skin. From the gaps of its armor it leaks blood, never drying. The gravelly voice of the Spirit sounds as if mighty armies are clashing together.


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