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This page includes old lore! It is no longer relevant to the current Verdict storyline
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Political Landscape[edit]

Despite their extraplanar nature, the Faewild - And mostly the High Faerlan society - is composed of cities and villages that span through its world. While Otharine is the capital, there are many divisions upon its politics and society; After all, being a full-fledged civilization does incur its costs.

The High Faerlan usually obey a certain hierarchy at that and their lives are embroiled in politics. To rise through the courts and eventually reach Oberon's inner circle is the dream of any child of Oberon, and while many do not achieve even the smallest of relevance the goals remain. The political landscape is absolutely cutthroat, sometimes even in a literal sense- Yet, they share a sense of camaraderie and unity among their own, and often get to mingle with a couple of circles above their own in massive parties.

Said parties often determine one's social standing, and allows for ascension; Ascension which is coveted by all High Faerlas, their tiered society allowing for them to stare at those above with envy, while treating those below with contempt. Surprisingly and perhaps counter-intuitively to some, the further one advances within High Faerlan society, the more feral and debased they are; While the lower ranks often solve their disputes through contracts, laws and the like, the higher ranks often settle only once their opponent is dead, although this does not implicate direct conflict in the slightest.


Oberon himself is a being above the reach of most High Faerlas, with even some of the innermost and higher circles barely getting to see him on a semi-consistent basis. As such, the populace in general treats him as a mystical figure and there are naught but rumors about his true nature. Being effectively impossible to reach, the realm at large follows schools of thought as for how he would like them to behave, as well as backstories that accompany the justifications on why it should be.

These are, of course, not followed by all - If even by most. Most lack the discipline and fervor required to maintain themselves true to one of the Paths; Two of the most notable ones are the Path of the Dreamer and the Path of the Hunter, and it is not unheard of to have an adept of both.

Both take their roots in two important aspects for the High Faerlas:

  • Dreams, which all of the High Faerla are possessed with. Said dreams are spoken to be divided between foretelling and misguiding, the latter oft being blamed on Titania and her children or trials which Oberon had set up for them to overcome with the dreamer itself being incapable of discerning one from another.
  • The Hunt, a final goal for all High Faerlas. It is only through the hunt in which they achieve the true potential of their species, and it is only through the Hunt in which they can finally achieve the perfection Oberon aimed them towards.

The Dreamer[edit]

Oberon's direct presence in the Faewild is rare, and as such, a large part of them attribute to him the title of the Dreamer.

One of the two main branches of High Faerlan faith involves the belief that Oberon is stuck beyond the reach of any more corporeal being- Eidolons being representations of a concept and living often in a realm beyond that of lesser beings, where they face their own battles until said fight needs to bleed over the gates towards reality. His protection is passive and his children, the High Faerla, are but a manifestation of it; They are meant to realize Oberon's dream by focusing inwards, amplifying their society and furthering their goals often through indirect means.

Their goal is unique and focuses inwards. To amplify the potential of their society on one hand, in order to prepare for the moment where Oberon decides to take them into their Eternal Hunt. Some believe that their society's capabilities are directly tied to Oberon himself, and it is through the dreams which they are gifted with that they may commune with their ruler, often relying in the intellect which they were bestowed with and seeing it as the ultimate representation of a High Faerla's worthiness, for only through it they may declare themselves eternal, even if they may die in one of their personal Hunts.

Their methods are, as well, often more peaceful and resolute than of those that follow the path of the Hunter- They seek to maintain a clear-mindedness in order to achieve the glory which their Creator deserves, forever walking in their path in hopes of being worthy of Oberon's presence, so he may declare the Final Hunt.

The Hunter[edit]

Those that do not believe in Oberon's inactivity often choose to believe that he is bound to an eternal hunt, seeking to reveal the ultimate truth.

In nigh contrast to the path of the Dreamer, the path of the Hunter discards the possibility of Oberon being inactive - Instead, they believe that he is forever fighting in defiance of all that seeks to end their ways. He protects them from otherworldly threats and is often sighted by those who go on their very own hunts towards the outskirts of His domain, albeit the tales are often told by dying witnesses, victims of their own prey. Said tales do, however, often include that the prey is captured despite the dying state of its hunter- And it is common that they claim it was Oberon itself which felled the creature.

Their goals are vast and focus outwards. Most seek only to hunt until they are incapable of proceeding, to seek the thrill of it until the moment they drop dead on the ground to a prey too mighty for them- With the ultimate goal of failing to find such a prey, gaining the prestige and recognition that only their Creator could give. Others however, seek the hunt as the means in which they must prepare for Oberon's call - Instead of seeking the thrill of having no choice but kill or be killed, they see it as a practice for the final moment in which they will serve as His army, honing their skills for the inevitable.

As such, those that follow the path of the Hunter often rely more on aggressive means- They seek to further their inner beast, for only through it they may achieve the glory which their Creator needs in battle, forever preparing and honing their skill so they may engage in the Final Hunt to reveal the ultimate Truth.


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