Ragweed's Exotic Emporium

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This page includes old lore! It is no longer relevant to the current Verdict storyline

Magic is abundant in the Realm of Arlandria along with the study and appreciation of both it and nature. No matter any dispute regarding Yggdrasil, many eyes gratefully flock to anything interesting, odd, or otherworldly. Far, far from Tree of Life, however, weaving through small villages and appearing once every season is a widely sought after group of merchants. Garbed head to toe in jingling attire, northern and eastern parts of the Arlandrian Realm rejoice in the sightings of Ragweed's Exotic Emporium.

The wealthy.

The collectors.

The opportunists.

-They are the rumored frequent customers of this alluring emporium. Their wares open up when the sun has sank into the sea leaving only the stars as witness to these deals. If lucky, however, and gleaning the trio of rocking, wooden wagons pulled by large, croaking toads. It is said they park their wagons in the heart of forests. Fire light turns the tree's shadows into tall standing pillars attracting gold and riches much like a beacon. Esteemed merchants, famed Druids, land owners, council members. What is sold at Ragweed's Exotic Emporium? Who is Ragweed's Exotic Emporium?


Initial rumors began prior to the plane's interest in the isle of Sarea. Through the mid 900s, common folk and adventurer's across the realm spoke of a peculiar wagon that appeared only at night with exotic goods they have never seen before. An elixir that can make the body light or a serum capability of making the drinker the most charismatic person in all the land. There are oddities in glass jars, magic spells capable of altering one's appearance, cloaks that mask identity. They spiral, the offerings, or alleged ones, available at Ragweed's Exotic Emporium:

  • Necklace of Resilience
  • Bottled Truth
  • Appeal
  • Twig of Yggdrasil
  • Caged Fairy
  • Lightened Soul
  • Confession Elixir
  • White Python
  • Ogre's Eye
  • Dreadsworn Shard
  • Map of Dead Spirits

No average tinctures are peddled in the wagon. They bubble and toil- some oddities blink, others bite. Rumors claim their prices are in the tens of thousands, hence the assumption of speculation of council involvement. Regardless of mostly glamorous assumption and wonder, local villages in the regions the emporium is known to be in has been warned of the illegality of the sales. While there is a market, investigations revealed the dubious nature of the emporium. Some purchases can be made without coin- Life itself worth that in the tens of thousands. Not only that, but the speculated circulation of a twig of Yggdrasil has earned the forces of a small dedicated team throughout the few decades.

However they have had no luck in locating and halting the productions of Ragweed's Exotic Emporium.


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